Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bits N' Pieces

We had quite of a busy week and I was not able to blog about anything, so I am going to share you some photos that I have taken over this week. I hope you guys have a great weekend and be safe!

Four months and five days old baby girl.

 My adorable three years old little man HF.

He loves his picture taken and his toys.
I guess he wants to be a model? 
Call me if you want to hire my kid or kids as models. LOL!

She was so sleepy that she just fell asleep in her walker. No wonder it was so quite.

 At Home Depot.
Harley sure loves riding the cart because it makes him feel like he's driving. So cute!

Another well-visit to the doctor. 
She is now 13 lbs. & 12oz and sure is growing up fast. She is exactly 2 feet tall and growing. It's just amazing how fast kids grow.

My simple mama style to go see the doctors. Doctors because my little girl had her appointment in the morning and I had mine in the afternoon. Quite of a busy day we had yesterday, Friday.

Nautical long sleeve shirt: 25cents Thrift-ed
Faux Leather Jacket: $30ish? Windsor Store online
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Blowfish


  1. all the pics! agoy, can't afford to hire your kids...kay am sure mahal ang talent fee...ehehhee! they're so cute mamiAdin!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  2. super cute kiddos... love the rosy cheeks! are you still breastfeeding sis?? and i love your outfit! hehehe.. bpc 69 visit.

  3. aw.. ka cute sa imong mga anakins sis. pwera buyag kaau. love those rosy cheeks. =)

  4. your kids are gorgeous Momi :-) you look sexy too :-) love the tractor reminds me of my son :-) Returning the visiting late from #69 of BPC.

  5. Let me guess where that little boy got his model pose from... hmmmm... ;) Nonetheless from the lovely mom, of course! :)

  6. Aw! Ka-cuteness nalang jud sa kiddos ba. Si baby girl-- lami jud ingkiton ang chunky legs! Lol. Love all the photos Mommy A! The last one's quote is just so true! :)

    Late BPC hop! The cake-- I am just craving for it for the sake of craving. I am not really the type who would indulge on it. Ice cream ra akong ma-antusan, pero not too much jud. Isa ka tilap, good enough na to take away the bitter tasting nga panlasa. Other than that, di jud ko masaligan ug pa-antus ug sweets. :D

  7. he is a chubby little girl :) you got cute kids sis. visiting from 366 bpc.

  8. supah suaph love the cheeks!
    from the challenge..

  9. Ang cute ng mga kiddos mo. So pretty ur little girl! I love ur idea on styling and drooling on how much u got them...bpc hop!


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