Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Product Review: Bundle Up In Style With CoverYourHair.Com

So much for the warm and beautiful days here in Glendo, Wyoming, because Mr. Jack Frost is back yet again. It was nasty, windy and cold last night and even early this morning. I felt sorry for my boys walking to school with strong wind and snow blowing, but thank God they don't have to go far. It was brrrrrrryyyy cold this morning, and it was a perfect time to wear my really thick and warm beanie and infinity scarf that I got from CoverYourHair.com.

You may or may have not heard from them, but if you are looking for some affordable and fashionable head coverings and accessories, CoverYourHair.com is the store for you.

This is actually not my first time reviewing products from this website. It is my second time now and I am glad they asked me again to review a couple more items from their store. I decided to pick the beanie and the scarf this time because I know it is something that I need for the season. 

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What's In The Mail? 

 photo BlackGreyTwoToneStripedWarmBeanieCoverYourHaircomHairAccessoriesStore_zps7a4a7463.png

 photo NavySolidRibbedInfinityScarfCoverYourHaircomHairAccessoriesStore_zps64e1f957.png

 photo IMG_6880_zpsd1d1431a.jpg

 photo IMG_6875_zps35562597.jpg

 photo IMG_6881_zpsb2ffe938.jpg

My Review: 

- The beanie is my favorite out of the two products that I got from CoverYourHair.com. It is thick, warm, and stylish, and it is affordable. It is really warm because it has a lining inside and it is perfect for this cold weather. 

- As for the Infinity Scarf, it is not the best quality out there, but if you are someone looking for stylish yet affordable scarf, this one is for you. It is warm, however, and light weight. Easy to use. It is also not itchy. 

The thing I don't like about the scarf is that it has a little bit of smell, so you might want to wash it before using. I would wash it by hand, though. 

 photo IMG_6878_zpse028855b.jpg

 photo IMG_6877_zps8abfe5f7.jpg

 photo IMG_6882_zps2b90647c.jpg

 photo IMG_6879_zpsc3e3f9b5.jpg

The next time you are shopping for stylish and affordable hair coverings and accessories, don't forget to check out CoverYourHair's website at http://www.coveryourhair.com/ to checkout the rest of their collection. I think the beanie and the scarf would make lovely gifts for the Christmas. 

CoverYourHair.com has items from hats, berets, headbands, snoods, clips, to bandanas and more. They also have some accessories available for babies and kids. Go check them out! Thank you, CoverYourHair

By the way, I just learned that CoverYourHair.com has a special holiday coupon just for you for 20% off. Just use the code "blogdec31" and it will expire on January 1, 2015. Happy shopping! 

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  1. You look so warm. I have been wanting an infinity scarf!

  2. Looks great for the cold weather. I live in Miami so I have no use for that :-( it's never cold here.

  3. Those look nice and cozy! It gets cold here in Ohio too!

  4. I got a scarf from there a couple of years ago and it's still my daughter's favorite. You look great in what they sent!

  5. what a perfect pair for the winter weather...great review!

  6. What a beautiful head covering and perfect for cold days... I love the design.

  7. I love infinity scarves. I usually use them to cver both my neck and hair.

  8. That's a good tip to handwash it. It looks pretty and warm!

  9. Way to stay warm without sacrificing fashion. Really cute options!

  10. You look so cute. I live in Chicago I will have to get one of these. -Jillian Fisher


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