Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fabric Car Caddy

This idea came in to mind when we took our first official family summer vacation to Chicago. I was a new mom then and I was just adjusting and learning new things about motherhood, and I noticed that traveling with a little guy can be challenging. I have to pack tons of baby stuff just so our long road trip will be a fun trip. I have to pack up toys, lots of food, drinks, clothes and some important necessities that I needed to have within reach. At that time, we also bought a new JEEP Wrangler and there was not that much room for all the things that we packed, so I really needed to have something with me that I can put all the things that I need within reach. I went and searched online for a car caddy and that's when the idea came to mind. I had some leftover quilted fabrics from my previous project and it was perfect for making this caddy. This is the outcome! It was so perfect because all the things I need to take care of my little boy while on the road was within reach. I purposely made this caddy to be big with 10 pockets to store and organize needed things. Let me know if you made one. It's sewtastic!


  1. Adin, yay, you won the Cloth magazine giveaway on my blog! E-mail me your address and I'll get it sent off asap...

    sewchicgirl (at) gmail.com

  2. Thank you so much Jessica! I am so excited, I can't wait to have the book. This is awesome! Yey! My first craft book ever!


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