Monday, April 19, 2010

Wrap-N-Go Fabric High Chair

While I was thinking of making my own wrap-n-go fabric high chair, I went and searched online in hoping to get a free tutorial. Sure enough I came across with two amazing blogs with amazing ideas on how to make one. Thank you too Carrie of This Mama Makes Stuff and Jill of Homemade by Jill. As you can see I added more security to mine since my baby boy is sure squirmy. Just two straps at the end that you can tie it around to secure it well. No matter how my son tosses and turns, it won't let loose. The fabric is from a huge jean dress that I got from the rummage sale and some leftovers from my previous project. This portable or wrap-n-go fabric high chair sure came in handy the other day we went out of town and ate at Subway in Walmart. They did not have any high chair available and I was so happy I brought with me my own fabric high chair. It was put to use and my little boy was strapped in securely in the chair. It's Sewtastic, Mama! Head on over to those two blogs for more info and tutorial.


  1. Fabric highchair. . . GREAT idea! You are amazingly talented! And you have a BEAUTIFUL child. . . I enjoy your blog. God bless you and your family! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Carol! Thank you so much for the compliment and for commenting. I appreciate that. Hope to hear more from you. :) You too, God Bless! :)


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