Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plain Shirt Refashion

I have another t-shirt refashion going on and I would like to share it to you. I got this plain shirt from a rummage sale for a dollar a bag. Everything that will fit in a bag only costs a dollar so one of the things I got is this plain cotton shirt that I really like. It has no damage, stains or anything, it was in perfect condition, although it was size too large for me (I wear XS or S), but it didn't stop me from purchasing it because I know I can do something to make it fit my size. So I'll show you what I did to it and I think it looks fun and interesting now.

As we all know that in fashion right now ruffles are in. You will see ruffles everywhere whether on clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Ruffle are hot right now! So that became my inspiration and thought of applying it on my plain shirt refashion. I also saw a clutch one time where it has this huge flower design on it and that made me think of applying the concept to my shirt, making the ruffles look like a big flower right on the center of the shirt. So this is what I did!

I didn't get to take a photo of the white shirt that I did, so I will just show you this pink one. I did the same thing, cutting the sides of the shirt and start a new hem, so as with the sleeves. I saved the cut-outs and cut it into strips that I used as my ruffles, so nothing really goes to waste in this shirt refashion. Once I made my ruffles, I pinned them on the front of my shirt, figuring out my own design and this time I went for a round effect that looks like a big flower on the front of the shirt.

Once you figured out your own design, stitch in place and it will look like this.

It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. Hey Vikki! It is so nice to hear from you! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Bethany for stopping by! I too love JCrew and Anthropologie as my inspiration and you as well with all your clever ideas. :) See you around!

  3. oh mama mia.....that's pretty impressive...d jud ka mahugtan ug ideas mami Adin....love what you did!

  4. Salamat mommy Dhemz! Para ko dili mahubsan ug ideas magtan-aw tan-aw lang ko sa uban.. manundog lang pod ba. hehehe...


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