Friday, June 4, 2010

Box Bag or Wristlet Bag

While I was checking out and visiting other blogs, I came across with this bag that I think was just really neat and easy to make so I wanted to try and make one or two. Drago(knit)fly was so nice that she shared her own creation and tutorial about her box bag and I was able to follow her quick and easy instructions. Click here for her tutorial. I found some of my sample tropical fabrics that I bought from a rummage sale last year and used it for this project. Of course, every time I sew and make something, I always make some few mistakes along the way and it is a good thing that I have tons of patience for it. That's one key if you want to learn to sew and start sewing. You have to have tons of patience to tackle every projects and be ready for the challenges. LOL! Anyway, here is my own version of a box bag/wristlet bag.

I even made a smaller version of this which I forgot to take pictures of, but just imagine this one in a smaller size. LOL! The smaller one can fit your keys, lipstick, a compact powder and even your small camera or cellphone. It was sure cute!

This bag is also perfect for an overnight trip because you can fit one bath towel, clothes, lotion, toothbrush & toothpaste, and other necessities that you need for the trip. I love it! I even used it on our two day trip last month and it stored tons of things in it.

I love that there are lots of uses for this bag like a mini-diaper bag while out and about in our town. Throw in couple of diapers, wipes, creams, food and you're good to go! If not a mini-diaper bag, it can be a cosmetic bag as well. Oh boy! Oh boy! Sky's the limit to what this bag can be use for. It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. that is so cute mami Adin...and I love the color!

  2. Love it!! The perfect size to tote around all the necessities and on the wrist too?! Amazing. Happy weekend Adin! xx M

  3. Mommy adin i love the new look sa imung parlor patahian hehehe. very talented ka mommy uy, naa ka pattern gi sun an ana imung tahi or imu imu ra na/

  4. Thanks Marisa and mommy Shydub for visiting!

    Mommy Shy wala ko ana patterns kay samukan man ko ug gamit ug patterns oi daghan kuti.. akoa lang e sketch ug unsa akoa gusto then cut and sew na dayon.. nakamao rapod tawn ko sige tan-aw sa akoa mother dear magtahi. : ) Thanks again!

  5. Si mommyGen diay oi ang gahimo sa akoa new blog look.. I love it so much! :)


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