Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

It's a busy week for me since I have a painting job to do in the kitchen. I grew tired of our old kitchen wall paint so I wanted to have a fresh new look this time. With all these painting job to do, I am going to have a huge right arm muscle. LOL! Woosh! It is not easy painting cabinets and to mention the cabinet doors. Sanding, painting and assembling them back together. But that is okay because I know that our kitchen will look a whole lot better. No more cave like feeling to the kitchen and right now it actually feels and looks a lot better even though it is not yet finished.

Sorry I have not done any postings yet, but I hope I will get back to sharing something with you as soon as things are normal here. There are so many things to do so I had better get going. I hope you guys are still there and continue visiting me. Have a great evening!


  1. hello again Mommy Adin.... OMG.. you are not only creative but still can do anything even the painting jobs.. woohooo.... I really commend you on that, that's really something.

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    Just take a look and if you are interested, you can join as well.. Thanks again mommy..

  2. kugihana gyud nimu din oi pastilan!!maayo na imu din kay kitchen lng..kami ni ralph the whole ground floor sa blay.kami ra gyud duha nag pintal.nahuman man pud and nindot ang reward whenyou see the result and can say "i did that" good luck on the painting..

  3. Thanks mommy Umma for checking me out and for inviting me on your first giveaway. :) See you around. :)

  4. Mommy Lods salamat for visiting! Agoy mommy dili lang jud kay kitchen lang ang akoa trabahuon.. tibuok jud balay ang gusto nako pintalan pero nag anam2x lang ko. Akoa lang usa gi una ang kitchen then next will be the living room. Bati na kaayo ang color sa wall para nako gipul-an nako.. hahahaha.... Mao hinay2x ko ug work dugay mahuman kay ako raman jud ang ga trabaho sa Tim tabang lang inig ting alsa sa mga bug-at na gamit and babysit kay Harley. LOL!

    Maayo gani nakahuman namo mommy and naa si Ralph mo tabang.. kani gamay raman pod ning kitchen so kayamukat ra ni nako. LOL! Thanks again!

  5. Wow, that's quite a task! Good for you for taking it on in a DIY! Can't wait to see how it turns out.


  6. hehhee what a super woman mama from sewing down to painting wow girl saludo talaga ako sayo


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