Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unfinished Jacket

As of now, this is what I made so far, though it is pretty much close to being done because I only need buttons. That is something I have to remember to buy the next time we go out of town. For now, I will have to settle with an unfinished project. The fabric was a leftover that I bought at a flea market somewhere in  St. Paul, Kansas for just 25cents. In fact, everything that was in the basket was all 25cents and I bought quite a few of them. I know it is summer, but I thought that the fabric was perfect for a jacket, which my little boy Harley can use the next time the weather starts to cool off again. Without any patterns at all, just a sketch, I managed to sew up this jacket. It's a little bit bigger for now, but I know Harley will grow up fast and he will be able to use it for a long while. I would say it was pretty challenging since it is my first attempt of sewing a jacket with lining. The lining is made out of a light blue flannel fabric that I bought at Walmart the other day.

(Secret Agent HF Blankenship for duty, Sir!)

I wanted to see if I need some adjustments on the jacket before I sew up the rest of it, so I let my little boy tried it on. I think he was loving it because he was just giving me poses and even smiles while I was taking his pictures. It was perfect because he had this magnifying glass in his hand and he looked like a secret agent or something. A secret agent wearing nothing but a jacket and a diaper that is. LOL!

(Found some clues?)

(I think I found something.)

This jacket comes with a hood that attaches/detaches whenever you do or don't need it. Just use the buttons and it is good to go! The hood is lined with a mickey mouse printed flannel fabric. It keeps my little britches head warm during the cold season.

The back part of the jacket with belt and two belt loops only. Just a simple design, but it was a challenge for me. The belt by the way was just easy to make. You just need two D-rings and a long strip of fabric for the belt. 


  1. i'm impressed! No pattern! great I wish I could do something this nice without a pattern

  2. Thank you so much! I am even surprised of myself that I made it without a pattern. I just followed his suit and used it as a template. It turned out well. Putting the lining was easy as well. :)

  3. You really are born to sew sis hehehe.. I love sewing too but I don'ty have the skills and talent like you have.

    Love it, you did a great job!

  4. Oh I forgot to mention that your model is really handsome and he knows how to work on it lol..

    Added this in my blogroll sis sa Nostalgic Marveling blog.

  5. I'm totally impressed you made the jacket without a pattern! Your little one is precious!

  6. Wow, no pattern! You are so good, Adin. Great work! Cute naman ng model mo.Ang laki na ni BB H. hugs to him..

  7. Bilib kaayo ko nimu manahi Adin uy, sus ako kabalo ko tahi but i need pattern ug kakugi sd ky mapildi ko sa tapuls day hehe

    I so love all your bags na tinahi, very creativekaayo ka to come up with artistic design. I wish i have your talent Adin.

  8. Thank you ladies for visiting and for all your comments! I am happy with what I made even without a pattern. It sort of gives me the courage that I know I can make anything I want to. :) Have a great day!

  9. oh I love this one...hahhaha...what a cute detective...lol!

    as always...your work is pretty impressive mami Adin....way to go!

  10. Salamat kaayo mommy Dhemz for checking out. :)

  11. Thanks a nice looking jacket Din. I am very impressed. You are getting there my friend...Keep it up.

  12. hello Mommy Adin, it's been a while I last visited here.. and Im so impressed with your talent... how I wish I can have some even a slight of it.hahahaha... that could save me tons of money instead of buying clothes for my little Koala.

    Btw, I want to invite you to join $300 worth Coach Satchel Bag contest. This is for my other blog. I hope you can take a look and join too.


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