Thursday, July 15, 2010

Florida Family Vacation 2010

(That's me in yellow shirt dancing to the Tahitian dance. I am so amazed at how fast those dancers can shake their hips. It was fun!)

I know you all are wondering why my side of blogging world has been quiet for a long while and I appreciate those who are still visiting and reading my blog. Thank you so much! My family and I went on a trip to Florida and visited my husband's sister. We have been there for eight days and we had the best vacation ever. We can't thank you enough for the lovely accommodation that she and her boyfriend provided us and all the fun things we did together. Florida is a beautiful state and going to the beach every day is a relaxing thing to do. I was so excited to be able to see and smell the ocean since we have no ocean around here in Kansas. It has been four years since I have been to the beach so it was really a treat for me. One of the things that I really love doing was going to the beach in Venice to look for some shark's teeth and some shells. Too bad I wasn't able to bring some Florida sand back home though. Oh well! I am glad that my sister-in-law is going to mail me some the next time they will go and visit Siesta Beach. Boy Oh boy! I can't hardly wait.

We did so many things and went to so many places. I am so thankful and blessed that we got to do all those things together. The moment we arrived Florida, my husband's sister and her boyfriend took us to this beautiful white sanded beach called Siesta Beach in Siesta Key, Florida. The best beach that I have ever been too ever. I love it! My little boy was sure impressed and excited when he saw the ocean for the very first time. He can't hardly wait to get in the water splishing and splashing and just have a good time. We sure had our share of sun and tan. Ah! What a life. One thing to scratch of my list for this summer. Yaye!

Siesta Beach in Siesta Key, Florida

If you are also planning to go and visit Florida, don't forget to visit Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, Florida. It was sure a fun place to go with your whole family and friends and explore there amazing water park. They have all sorts of entertainment in the early evening with lots of music and dancing. Adventure Island is one perfect place to spend your hot summer day!

(Me with the Tahitian Dancers)

(I love the bike trails and the beautiful scenery. What an awesome 7-mile bike ride.)

You know what? No matter how great our vacation was, it is always good to be back home and see our fury family members' happy faces. We sure miss our two dogs and we were glad to see that they both are in the fence and safe. There's no place like home. Now, I can go back to blogging and visit other bloggers as well. I sure have a lot of catching up to do! Have a great summer, everyone!


  1. wow it looks like you all had a great time there in FL. that is where i would like to retire at. i'm glad you all had such a wonderful time

  2. Hello there Vikki! Yes, it was a great vacation and being able to go to the beach was sure a treat. Very relaxing vacation it was. Nice to hear from you. :) I am sure you will love it there as well.

  3. Wow sis ang sexy mo naman kainggit lol. At ang galing pang sumayaw hahaha.. It's been 4 years since our last vacay in Florida, sa Pensacola kami pumunta.

  4. Hello mommy, musta na? We sure had a great time in FL and I am glad we got to go. We went to Venice, FL. to visit my husband's sister. :) Nice to hear from you! :) Thanks.

  5. weee...galing naman ni mami are so natural....shake your bootie baby...ehhehehe! joke....:) too...kakaingit...I love your bod mami Adin...wish I have a flat abs like yours...nyahhaha...miss ko na yung size 0 kung bod...ala na pag asa mawala ning akong!


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