Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Zero-Cost Simple Fire Pit In The Backyard

Our life lately have been a bit busy (and will be busier) ever since we came back to Kansas. My husband and I have been working in the house and our yard making it look nice and livable again. One of the things that I did a few days ago was building our own zero-cost simple or temporary fire pit in our backyard. I have always wanted one so we could roast some hotdogs, marshmallows and what not. Plus, I can also use it to cook our food outside so we don't end up heating the inside of the house this summer.

We certainly are enjoying our fire pit so much and it is nice to be able to sit around the pit, and spend some family time in our own backyard. It kind of makes us feel like as if we are camping too. The kids love it too!

It really is just a simple fire pit because all I did was stacking up some bricks and formed it into a big square. I didn't use any concrete mix to make it permanent, but I might do that next summer. Not this time. It is zero-cost because the bricks were freebies from a family friend.

 photo IMG_4757_zpsa04f22cc.jpg

 photo IMG_4769_zps0cfe277f.jpg
I still want to add more to this fire pit next summer. 

 photo IMG_4767_zpsd673c874.jpg

 photo IMG_4766_zpsa9ba4367.jpg

 photo IMG_4777_zps1d455b49.jpg

 photo IMG_4778_zps9910b0b2.jpg

 photo IMG_4783_zps64f831b6.jpg
We sure love this yard. Have a good one! 


  1. Great start on your fire-pit. Food always tastes better cooked on an open fire and it is sure more fun for the cook to be outdoors. It is huge and I can see lots of family time spent poking the fire in your excellent pit. Great job. Bet you had lots of help from Harley and Selby.

  2. It looks great and I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it.

  3. That is really nice. It would be nice making it a permanent fixture in the yard. We just have a big old space where we throw wood and burn it. Like the big outdoors. We can do marshmallows, hotdogs and all. Lol. We have enough space though so I don't worry to much except for the woods around me. We have to be so careful. Good job on the fire pit.

  4. What a great idea Mommy Adin and it's inexpensive!

  5. You did an awesome job momi. I wish I can build one like that but our backyard is small and we are currently renting. Would be nice being able to roast and spend quality time with family outside.


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