Thursday, October 16, 2014

Family Time: Rattlesnake On The Trail

It is another family time portion on the blog today, and this time we made it to another family hiking trip. On this hike we had a little encounter with a not so friendly slithering friend- a rattlesnake! Still to this day when I think of it, it just gives me the creeps. I mean, I don't hate snakes, it is just that I am not a fan of them. I am scared of snakes and I don't think that will ever change. It is one of those many fears I have. And to see a rattlesnake that size out in the wild, I have a really good reason to be very afraid of. Don't worry! No one was hurt during this hike and we left the snake alone and didn't bother him. 

It was on our way back to our Jeep after our hike (or more like wandering around in the bushes) when I stumbled upon a what I thought at first was a moss(y) piece of stick on the ground. But I quickly realized I was actually standing next to a big rattlesnake. That snake blended so well with the grass. And you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be screaming too, like I did if you have that fear of snakes. I screamed at the top of my lungs, honey! I think I may have scared the wildlife. If there were any hunters nearby, sorry to have scared the animals. 

This was kind of an unusual trip for us. We didn't really know where to go, and the place didn't have a designated hiking trail. But we figured, the day was beautiful and it would be sad if we don't get to spend some time outside while the weather is nice. And so we did and we went wherever our feet took us that day. And our hike didn't disappoint, because we had a few discoveries on this trip. Like stumbling upon an area where it looked like a bear's toilet area? I mean there were bear scat everywhere! Although it was kind of neat to study what they had been eating, but I was ready to exit the premise and head back to safety. You never really know what you might find along the trail when you go out exploring. It is always a surprise! 

 photo IMG_5847_zpsf579759a.jpg

 photo IMG_5868_zpsc43ab88b.jpg

 photo IMG_5843_zps26d25caa.jpg

 photo IMG_5845_zps575c72e2.jpg

 photo IMG_5902_zps7ad6e0b5.jpg

 photo IMG_5849_zps713d8931.jpg

 photo IMG_5861_zps510671a6.jpg

 photo IMG_5864_zpsea48d8ce.jpg

 photo IMG_5858_zps93650f49.jpg
It was around this area where we found bear scat. It's beautiful, but I was ready to get out of there and hurried back to the vehicle. I had enough of the day, especially after the rattlesnake encounter. My senses were heightened and I started seeing things. 

 photo IMG_5856_zps81cc0708.jpg

 photo IMG_5859_zps4f4ec90b.jpg

 photo IMG_5866_zpsb0a1348f.jpg

 photo IMG_5876_zps177245f2.jpg
Two hungry cubs after a short hike. 
(Hot dogs, rice, and caramelized plantains)

 photo IMG_5879_zpsb7a8881c.jpg

 photo IMG_5881_zpsc081185f.jpg

 photo IMG_5882_zpsaf35b51f.jpg

 photo IMG_5895_zpse24fa67f.jpg
Dirty hands? Don't care! 

 photo IMG_5875_zps3976c67f.jpg
Our "Mountain Goat" of a kid. 

 photo IMG_5886_zps66ada086.jpg

Someone is really itching to go back to the wilderness, again. And when he says to the wilderness, he means out in the wild where very few people have explored. Someday, honey! Someday! 

 photo IMG_5896_zps0958f04d.jpg

This was a great stop after our short hike. Knowing that a place like this exists not far from where we live (about 45 minutes), makes me feel pretty lucky. When you spend a little time outdoors admiring how wonderful Mother Nature is, it is not only good for the eyes, but it is good for the soul. Don't forget to spend some time outdoors with the people you love. Have fun and live life! Have a great one! 

 photo IMG_5907_zpsf2ef47e2.jpg

Location: Down the Horseshoe Creek Road- Wyoming


  1. gustong gusto q talaga ung mga hiking adventure nyo..kakatakot nga ung rattlesnake ang laki...
    parang probinsya din ng Philippines ang dating pero ang ganda-ganda ng view!!!
    hahaha taas ng talon ni little kiddo sa rock..!

    1. Hello Gene, thank you so much. It is kind of like sa probinsya nang Pinas n may mga mountains din except the trees are changing since it is fall season here. Someday, I wish to go explore the mountains of Pinas with my family. :)

  2. Wow! Your pictures are just beautiful! I would love to go hiking there.

    1. Thank you, Tricia! It is beautiful up there. :)

  3. Looked like fun! As always your comments and photos make me want to go there.


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