Monday, July 19, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: Florida Day!

How is everybody doing today? I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Although for some people they don't really like Mondays at all, especially those are working, but I hope things are well with you. LOL! Anyway, I would like to apologize to mommy Krystyn for missing Mommy and Me Monday posts because things have been so busy here, in fact this summer is actually a busy one. We just got home from our trip to Florida, and I am working on our kitchen, which is far away from being done. But hopefully things will be normal and things will be back in order. So for now, this is my entry for the Mommy and me Monday Meme and hope you all like it.

These photos were taken in Florida during our family vacation this month. We had such a great time and there were lots of the first time experiences for me and my little boy Harley. We were so thankful and blessed that we got to do a lot of things together as a family.

This first picture was taken at Adventure Island, Tampa, Florida. What a fun place to spend your hot summer days. This place is perfect for the whole family where it has all kinds of fun slides and pools for all ages. So in this picture is me, Harley and two Tahitian dancers.

The last picture was taken in Caspersen Beach, Venice, Florida where it is one of the few places where you can go and look for some sharks teeth where some have washed up on shore. It is only around Venice area where you can find these prehistoric sharks teeth. It said that for millions of years, sharks have lived and died in the Gulf of Mexico. Dead sharks sink to the ocean floor and covered by layers of sand and silt. 

Visitors and residents go to the beach to look for some sharks teeth. It was a fun and addictive hobby. Thanks to sister/auntie Covina for introducing us to sharks teeth searching. Now, I have tons of sharks teeth that I brought home and I am thinking of doing something to the teeth that I can display in my newly painted kitchen. I hope!

Have a great evening!


  1. What a fun and memorable trip.

    And, I learned something new today about all of those shark teeth!

  2. Wow those shark teeth are amazing! looks like you had a great vacation! Cute pics of you and your little one.

  3. Wow.. one hot momma si Mommy Adin... sauper laki na diay ng anak mo Mommy..

    Seemed you had a blast during your vacation..

  4. You definitely had a fun trip. I've never seen shark's teeth before. These are way cool. Very interesting information about them too.

    Lovely photos.

  5. Hey mommies! Thanks for checking out. I am glad you guys learned something today about the sharks teeth. It's awesome looking for teeth. When you go to that particular beach where you can find them, you will see people looking for teeth and other shells as well. There was this one lady that went to Manasota Beach in Florida and she said she found 300 sharks teeth at that beach in one day. Awesome! See you around!

  6. hot gosh,kadaghan ana mami Adin...ehehehe! ka enjoy ba kau ninyo all the pics..thanks for sharing! mine was up too!

  7. Those are AMAZING! Wish I could go to that beach, the kids would love it! Teresa

  8. Hi there GBL Teresa! I am sure your kids will surely love looking for shark teeth. Awe! I love it and it's addictive. My neck hurts from always looking down finding teeth. LOL! Thanks for checking.

    Adin B


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