Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY Exposed Metal Zipper Skirt

Aside from being busy around the house and getting some things ready for the Pecan fest 5K run this Saturday, I was able to sew up something and this time it is a skirt. I have been wanting to make me a skirt and I did. Although it took me about 100 times ripping it off because I somehow managed to make mistakes, then I have to do it all over again. You would think that I would be a little bit better at it since I have been sewing for quite a while now, but I still make mistakes. So it is really handy to have a seam ripper with you when sew something. You never know!

Anyway, for this skirt I used the Grosgrain's 20-minute simple skirt tutorial. Although it says 20 minutes, but mine turned out like forever. I also added a lining to my skirt so it won't be a see-through skirt. The only thing that I did different with my skirt is instead of using an elastic band, I opted to use a zipper. The way I sewed my zipper is I sewed it on the outside of the skirt instead of the other way. If you have noticed lately that some clothes have these exposed metal zippers to it and I thought it would be kind of exciting to use that concept on my DIY skirt. I think it adds sort of like an edgy look to it. Don't you think? If you want to know how to sew an exposed zipper on a skirt, let me know.

For the waistband, I purposely made it a little bit wider since I think that if you have a tummy to hide, wide waistband is much more flattering to wear than thin ones. The width is about 3" and the length is around 27 inches. If you make yours, make sure to measure your waist twice and then add 3" to 5" to leave a little room for adding your buttons or hook and eye. So with mine, I have 24" + 3" = 27 inches waistband. I use the hook and eye closure, but I think I kind of like using the buttons this time. I said measure your waist twice because you don't want to make a mistake when you cut your fabric. Just like the saying goes, "cut once, measure twice."

Here's the finish product! What do you think?

My hair bun by the way is inspired by Sydney of The Daybook blog. She made a tutorial one time about how to make a bun so I tried it and it was easy. Next time, I like my bun a little bit bigger.


  1. so cute i love it! you also look so cute posing! cant wait to see what u do to the trench coat. your so talented.

  2. Hey there Vikki! Thanks so much. I was sure excited when I made the skirt. Can't wait to wear it some time. I will be posting some photos of the trench coat later when my little one is asleep. hahaha... I am like a one woman act. I do the camera setting, shooting and then do the modeling (sort of) and editing. LOL!

  3. sos! pagka creative ba jud sa inahan...pretty man kau ang model woi....:) ready na galing ni motugbong sa syudad da...dala naman pitaka...ehehehe!

    you rock it as always!

  4. Ready na ni for a date mommy Dhemz ug naa lang mo hagad. hahaha... Salamat bitaw kaayo oi.


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