Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rummage Find: Blazer and Coat

Remember when I said I have something to share you about this rummage sale find blazer? Well, this is it and I hope you will all like it. I know I said that I was going to share it to you yesterday, but for some reason a simple (or so I thought) refashion turned out to be a little bit difficult for me to deal with. I took me a long time to really get it right and I did a lot of ripping the seams off and having to do things all over again, but I still made it! Here's what I did.


It was a plain and boring blazer with one old button on the front and I decided to change that and replaced it with one big black button. With the collar I added some ruffles for more of a feminine look to a blazer, then for the bottom of the sleeves I added sort of like a lining to add more interest to the blazer.

The Ruffled Collar
(or maybe I should say a pleated collar?)

I do admit that the sleeves where the reasons it took me a long time to finish it since I made a lot of mistakes and it still came out a little bit off for me on the shoulder area, but you won't see it in these photos. Just a little bit of a mistake. Sometimes I feel like it is easy for me to make a new dress than to alter one. That's why when you are sewing, you have got to have more patience or else none of your project will be done.

As you can see from the before photo, the blazer is boxy and no shape at all. So what I did on the back, I applied the shirring effect again to kind of give it a little bit of shape, although I can wear it with belt to accentuate my waist area, but I kind of want it that way for a new look to what was once a plain Jane blazer. I hope this will somehow inspire you to refashion things!

It looks like very Military-esque in this photo.
Wear it with pants and the blazer is very versatile. Love it!

It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. do you know that song by madonna strike a pose? lol when i saw you i started to sing that. you look so cute ! yet again you pulled another one off. i was wondering how you would make that into something cute and you did it again

  2. wow very talented ka talaga...how did you do the shirring anyways? thanks

  3. ang ganda ng mga gawa mo girl keep it up

  4. Hello Vikki! I was actually watching the video Vogue by Madonna. It sort of has that look and feel from that video. hahaha... Thank you so much! Yet again I survived this refashion thing this time even after all the rimming the seams of and sewing it back again to know that I have to rip it off because I made yet another mistake. hahaha... What a sewing life! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks ate Nelds and mommy Anne B for stopping by. I left a link on your blog ate Nelds about a tutorial on how to do the shirring. Good luck!

  6. Mommy Adin.. I never thought you would pulled it off. You look gorgeous. Love it.


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