Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rummage Find: Men's Trench Coat

(It scares me looking at my self in this picture.)

What I did was I took my old trench coat that didn't have a lining and used it as my template. I took the sleeves off of this coat and measured it to the right size and hemmed it up. The sides where also cut to fit me right and hemmed. The bottom was cut to the right length and hemmed. I did a lot of things to this coat since it was an X-large Men's Trench Coat and I was being too ambitious thinking I can do it. I barely made it though. There for a while I felt like giving up and I tossed it on the corner and left it for days until I felt good dealing with it again. It pays to be patient sometimes and have a little bit of sewing skills.

Will you be able to tell that it is actually from a Men's Coat? If you didn't know about this, (or maybe I'm the only one that did not know about this. I don't really pay close attention to clothes most of the time) men and women's coat are actually buttoned up differently. I mean, for women the coat is actually buttoned to the right, and for men it is buttoned to the left. You know, just those little things that I didn't know before and now I do. Just spare me, I am a little bit weird sometimes. LOL!

The weather's nasty today and not a good day to be outside so I had to take quick shots. Not to mention my little one was outside wearing nothing but a diaper and running around with an umbrella on his hand. How tough is he! Thank you God for the fire and I am sitting here by the wood stove all cozy and warm. Ahhh!

This trench coat is absolutely perfect for fall, winter and spring season because it has two lining and the thick one is attached by a metal zipper so when the temperature drops, just zip it up and go. Score! Sometimes I don't feel like altering coat because I don't like dealing with the lining since for me it gets overwhelming and a hassle at times, but I really needed another warm coat for the winter. I am so glad I got this one!

It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. cool... i love how u altered it...
    and i learned sumting from this post.. i didnt know that women's coats are buttoned to the right, men's, to the left until now.. thanks to u.. lol

  2. sewtastic indeed! and, thanks for the trivia on trench coat.

    it's like u just bought it from macy's:)))

  3. Wow! What a fantastic coat re-do!
    You did such a beautiful job on the tailoring. It fits you perfect!

    Kimberly :-)

  4. it looks very nice and fitting for a women. you did a great job AGAIN!

  5. Yes, I do know about that buttons. It is because women before have/need someone to button their clothes :)

  6. very fashionable ang ganda ng pagkagawa as in, no one will know that it is a male's coat though hehehe

  7. Ang galing galing mo naman sis, love that!

  8. oh boy! it's sewtastic golly gosh the highest level na jud ang imong talent in....:)
    thumbs doesn't look like a men's coat at all....:)

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