Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nostalgia Thursday: Spoonbill or Paddlefish

This was the first time I had a closer look at this fish.

With the spring coming it reminds me of the fishing season and how people from different towns would come to our little town to fish for this weird and pre-historic looking fish that spawns during the months of April and May. These fish are called spoonbill or paddlefish which as you can see in the pictures, their bill looks like a spoon or a paddle. It's not a shark or in the family of shark, but they do have some body parts that resemble those of sharks such as their skeletons, primarily composed of cartilage, and deeply forked tail fins.

These photos were taken four years ago right after we had dinner at home with my mother-in-law and we took here to the park and saw these guys reeling in some caught spoonbill fish. I asked if I could take some photos and so here it is.

Also known as: Spoonbill catfish, spade fish, shovel fish, shovel-billed catfish, and duck billed catfish.


  1. Oh my gosh, those are huge! Ikaw nakahuli nyan mommy adin?

  2. laki naman! masarap din kaya?

  3. Wow ang laki... sarap siguro yan escabeche...

    Nostalgia here

  4. Girl, does it bite? Thanks for the comment in my entry

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. As I have learned, the spoonbill is very oily so I don't know if it has a good taste or not. So I am not sure kung kinakain ba nila eto or hindi. And if so siguro they smoke it or something like that. Maybe I should ask next time.

    Hindi ako ang nakahuli nito mommy Rose, but from some folks we talked to that day. I wish I ciuld catch some, but then again ewan ko lang if I will like to cook it. hahaha...

    Nope, dili ni sya mamaak na isda mommy Anne B. Dako lang kaayo weird kaayo ug bill ba. hehehe...

  6. do they play tennis? ;) lol they look so odd. doing well over here. staying warm. blessings to u and yours

  7. ka nice jud sa town ninyo mamiAdin kay dagsaanan man diay sa mga dagko nga isda...can we come? hehehehe!

  8. My first time to see those kind of fish. Mora ug nindot man kaayo na lutuon kay fresh pa man..hehehe


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