Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nostalgic Thursday: Stuck In The Mud

(My husband was wearing his new pair of jeans and I was wearing my new pair of white socks. I know! They're both dirty and could no longer take the mud off of our clothes.)

I am still feeling a little bit sick today and my body is so sore for which I don't know why and I was very ill last night. This morning, I accidentally hit my head while opening the door and now I have a swollen forehead. Man! It hurts so bad I saw some stars and I almost passed out. Ugh! What a bad day. Anyway, that is still not going to stop me from joining the Nostalgic Thursday and here is my share.

These photos were taken the year 2006, my first year in the USA. It was on the month of October where we went to a birthday party and then after that, we went ahead on an ATV ride down to the state line on the gravel bar. It was a very cold day and it was very muddy down the state line, but still we went ahead and drove down the muddy part of the river and ended up stuck in the mud. The water was freezing cold so we had to hurry up and get ourselves out of the mud and we made it. It was sure a fun ride even though it was cut short because we had to go back to the house as it was getting dark. I drove the ATV on our way back and it was so much fun that I want to do it again sometime.

(My brain is not working so well right now so I better get some more rest. I'll be back to visit you some time. Thank you!)


  1. Hahaha that was fun. I haven't have the courage to ride an ATV. My husband's niece has two of them but I am so nervous lol..

  2. Hope you feel better soon, baka juntis ang byuti mo sis hehehe..

  3. I want to try to drive an ATV. That would be cool, I think. Anyway, get well soon to u! ;)

  4. Very nostalgic jud siya mommy hehehe

  5. Oh boy i wish i get to ride one of that ATV, hehe. baka bunti ka inday adin woohoo hehe. take a good rest and get well soon

  6. the picture above is a proof that you had a blast. =) i wish i could ride an ATV too. it looks fun!

    hope you are feeling better now. btw, i am now following this site.

  7. oh my....kasakit ato kay kita man ka ug stars...ehehhee....:) how fun! wala pako ka try ug ATV...ehehehe....:)

    thanks for sharing mamiAdin...get a rest!


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