Saturday, February 26, 2011

Customized Bags In Progress

The other day a wonderful mom asked me a favor if I could do some customized bags for her camera and tablet pc. She told me specifically the colors and style of the bags that she likes and I immediately went ahead and ordered the things I needed for this order, so far this is my progress and please mommy Dhemz don't panic because it will look nice once I am done with the bags. It will have pink lining just like she mentioned and it will have adjustable straps that she will be able to carry these bags in style and comfort. By the time I am done with the bags, as usual I will share photos of the finished products and I will also give mommy Dhemz a buzz once it is ready to ship to her house so she will be able to enjoy it. Once again, thank you mommy Dhemz for trusting me and for your business with me. I very much appreciate it!

Unfinished cute and small DSLR camera bag waiting for a little padding, pink lining and adjustable straps to be installed. It has two side pockets and one pocket on the front. It will have four interior pockets as well to store other items.

A bag for her tablet pc with a little bit of padding to protect the item. It has four exterior pockets and it will have pink lining as well and some pockets inside. It has a handle on the side and I will also put an adjustable straps so she can carry it wherever she goes.

Hope you will like it, mommy Dhemz!

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  1. awwwwwwww, I can't wait! as in...hehehe..excited kau ko....I love it sure to the highest level ang finished product...ehehehe...ikaw pa! mag email rako sa imo soon, kay pahimo ko ug pillow covers....pila imo charge? ehhehehe!


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