Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scrap Teepee In the Making

What is a scrap Teepee? Actually, I just made it up, because the Teepee that I am building for my little boy is made out of scraps. I mean, it is not the traditional kind of Teepee because what I am doing is an inspiration from this photo that I saw online the other day. Immediately, I was inspired to do the same thing, and I thought that this was a better way to recycle those old clothes and use those scraps that you have laying around your house. Brilliant! All I did was to cut strips of fabric and then tie them up together and wrap it around the teepee frame. The frame is made out of hedge branches that we got for free from the farm and just trimmed of the nasty thorns and I tied up six of them on the top with a twine.

It just looks so unique and fun that it looks like a spider web to me so I wanted to do the same theme to this Teepee that I am making and so far this is what I have accomplished. Now don't worry about it looking so shabby for now because once I am done with it, it will be looking fine. I am sure my little HF will have fun playing in his Teepee. I can't hardly wait!

This Teepee is set right next to the Harley willow tree (yes, we named our three willow trees by our names) and right where I can see it from the kitchen so I can monitor him whenever he is outside playing.

The cold weather is back and it's really not ideal to work outside with your fingers freezing cold so it is nice to just wait until the weather starts to warm up again and perfect for spending time outdoors. So come by some time to check out the finished product. Hope you all had a great day!


  1. OMG! I want one. LOL! Harley would love that. He's so lucky to have such a creative and wonderful mommy :-)

  2. Galing mo talaga sis!Very talented and creative,I admired you to the highest level specially your passion in what you do. :)

  3. Girl super talented ka talaga with those things, ang galing mo... Pa spare naman ng talent at lalo na ng passion mo to do that. Hehehe

  4. What a creative work! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. Have a great day!

  5. And gandaaaaaaaaa ng creativity mo. sana meron din ako talent sa mga ganyan. keep it up! thanks for dropping by at my blog. visiting you back from TBE!

  6. hehehehe...ka cute ba lamang ani...timing kau ni pang summer...kuyaw mo kay naa man pangan ang inyong trees...ehehhee!

    labay ko dire mamiAdin...have a good one!


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