Sunday, March 13, 2011

SAHM Style & Mommy and Me Monday: To The Grocery Store I Go

It's Sewtastic, Mama!

Have you all set up your clocks already? If you live in the USA that is. Hope you didn't forget about it. The weather sure has been weird lately and you can tell that spring is coming! I get excited about spending a lot of time outside in my garden and just to be able to see Mr. Sun again. Anyway, another Monday and I am back on the roll again for another SAHM Style episode. Like I said on my earlier post, you are welcome to email me and send me a photo of yourself and share us your mommy style and it will be featured every Monday here on my SAHM Style meme.

I don't know about you, but for me every time I go to the grocery store I always take time to fix myself up to look presentable and wear something nice. I don't remember a time where I went to the store with my sweatpants or in my pajamas. For me, wearing something nice makes me feeling good about myself and grocery shopping. So here's my SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom) style.

Sweater: $1 (thrifted)
Scarf: $ 10 (Old Navy)
Black Pants: $24.99 (Target)
DIY Flats: $5 (thrifted)

SunCloud Sunglasses: $50 (purchased at a store in Colorado)

Beautiful, warm weather last Saturday,

Vintage hat: $5 (thrifted)
Brown Sweater, orange puffy vest, & bag: all $1 (rummage find)
Belt: Borrowed from the hubs
Jeans: $25 (Old Navy)
Boots: $79.99 (Giveaway win)

.... then Sunday, the weather started to change and before my husband could finish tilling our garden, it started to rain. I just got home from the store with bags of potatoes and onions for planting and I was sure excited about it when the weather did not participate so for now planting is on hold.

This is also my Mommy & Me Monday meme entry for this month of March.
Have a great week ahead, everyone!


  1. You look so cute...I think it's great you look so pulled together even for the grocery store. And I always borrow my husband's belt too. Have a great week!

  2. your son is sooo cute!

    my entry is at my soltero baby's site
    followed you btw, hoping you can do the same too :)

  3. Beautiful photos. You're a gorgeous mom blessed with an adorable son. Been following your blog for quite some time now.


  4. Look at you! I LOVE your boots...and I always thrift store shop for the kids but never really thought about doing it for me....hmmmm

    I am now a follower...and jealous of your mad sewing skills!

  5. equally gorgeous mother and son!!!

  6. Love your shoes mommy!

    So precious!

    Mommy and Me at my page, have a lovely day!

  7. Love the outdoorsy feel of the Mommy and Me photo. Too cute!

  8. You are gorgeous! I Have been known to go out in lounge pants and a t-shirt, but I try to at least wear jeans and a nice shirt instead. You are right, how I dress is how i feel! happy monday!

  9. wow! one hot mommah here... hope I can dress up like that from time to time... =) I just don't have this what we call, "fashion sense" LOL

  10. You always have awesome style to showcase mommy adin, bery creative at talagang marunong, mas marunong kapa kay lumen hehehe

    Hope you can visit My M&M Entry

  11. hhehehe...namuot ko sa comment ni! I have to agree with her...mau jud ka modala....:)

    sos kamahal sa imong sunglasses...:) likewise, mao si hubby mag complain usahay kay no need na daw mag ayos kay mag grocery lang...nyahahaha.

  12. hahaha ang boy mo, naka pose din siya visiting here through Mommy and Me My Little Home Thanks for dropping by

  13. your son is so cute..i like the place... have a nice day!!

  14. Very cute...I'm guilty of not really dressing up on the weekends.


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