Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rummage Treasures & Share A Thrift Hunt #3


Batting, Baby Toys, 2 Salad bowls, Dresses, Blouses, all Vintage skirts, Children's books, kid's shoes and Vintage pink tin can.
Total: $18

Someone's got some new old shoes today. I bought three pairs of shoes and I paid $1.50. Score!
My little man loves it.

Maxi Skirts

These skirts I am keeping since these first three are elastic waist skirts that I can wear up to my nine months of pregnancy. The last one with the yacht design is a small one, but I want to keep it for when I get back to my regular size after giving birth. I hope! I mean, isn't that the most fun skirt you have ever seen? I love it!

Vintage Tapestry Floral Dress with two side pockets
Vintage Size 18

Remember, when it comes to vintage clothing the measurements are different from the modern measurement. Vintage size 18 is not the same as the modern size 18, so this dress would fit a small or medium size woman. 

Vintage Stuart Alan buttoned down shirt dress in light blue.
size 10/size small

$10 including shipping


This one has a slight problem with the buttons, but all I have to do is to reinforce the buttons again so it will stay on. It is still in good wearable condition and it's missing one button at the very bottom of the dress. That's something that you can easily fix by changing the buttons if you want too.

Vintage Buttoned Down Floral Skirt w/ no label since the previous owner cut off the label. With 2 side pockets

The skirt has a little stain on the front, but trust me you won't even recognize it since it blends in well with the floral design and the color of the skirt.

Vintage Don Sayres buttoned down skirt with 2 side pockets - Camel
size small


Vintage White Buttoned Down Skirt
size small
This skirt is versatile because you can either wear it with the buttoned down part as the front or vice-versa.

One last vintage skirt is this Vintage Jerrie Lurie Collectibles belted long skirt in Cream. It's so soft and comfy to wear.
size Small

Also, this is my late entry for Share A Thrift Hunt Thursday Meme.
Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. omG! that's really a fab haul!! my faves would be the vintage tapestry floral dress, the floral skirt and the vintage jerrie lurie.

    and oh, those are really awesome photos.

    take care xoxo

  2. wow! what a great deal...ka nice jud ani.

  3. wow- what a great bargain indeed!

  4. wow! u did a great job. I went shopping too this morning at a thrift store but I paid $44.00 :(

  5. OMG, someone's been busy shopping!
    I just love your vintage hauls, especially the floral skirts and Jerrie Lurie.

  6. I love all your finds especially the Vintage Tapestry Floral Dress with two side pockets. Super nice! =)

  7. i love that dress. btw, maxi skirts are so in now. =)

  8. So pretty dresses.....perfect for spring!
    I noticed that your blog doesn't have a FB page or RSS feed....paano na lang yung gusto magsubaybay sa blog updates mo?


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