Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Sneak Peak

Just the thought of being pregnant again is just amazing and exciting, then to know that I am having a baby girl this time just makes it even more exciting! Life is good. My little man seems to be excited to see his little sister and cannot wait to play with her. Let's hope! Every morning I keep reminding him that he is going to have a baby sister soon and he would always talk to the baby in the tummy and would say: "Morning baby tum-tum", or "Hello in there!". So cute! Life is precious. Anyway, the thought of it just makes me so excited about getting my little girl's tiny room done and I can't wait to fill it up with some wonderful things. My nursery this time will be a vintage inspired room and I am excited to go shopping for things. I already got some vintage items that was from my mother-in-law (she passed away the 28th of May) that she will no longer be using so I am psyched to use it in the room and I know if she was here she will be proud and happy that I am able to use some of her things.
Right now I am going to give you not a whole lot, but just a little sneak peak of what is going to be inside this little teeny tiny vintage inspired room just to give you an idea. I promise to share you some photos when I am done. So I hope you will stick around and I will keep you updated.

Up first is this photo of a beautiful room which happens to be my inspiration for making this nursery. I found this one over the internet and I am so sorry though that I won't be able to tell the source of this photo so if you know or if you own this photo, let me know so I can give you a full credit for sharing this wonderful room. Thank you!

Source: ???

So here is my take:

Let's start with a vintage sheet that I got from my mother-in-law that I turned into a curtain. The color and the flowery details on it just matches perfectly with the color of the wall. I am a happy camper! Even sweeter because this one was free!

Ta-dah! There's the vintage curtain. Sorry, bad lighting.

Since the room is tiny, I still have to do a little bit of painting, but not that much. I just need to paint white on the window trim, and some other places to make the room feels spacious and bright.

Of course, to tie the curtain up together to let some natural light in, I made this cute little ruffled curtain tie thingy from a vintage skirt that I totally ruined (I don't know what I was thinking. I regretted it after cutting the beautiful skirt.) Anyway, since I did the damage so I might as well make use of it so I salvaged some scraps and turned into this. I used the same buttons that was on the skirt. For that, I spent 50 cents for the skirt. Not bad!

The dress on the left is vintage and the one on the right is not. I thrifted these babies for 50 cents again.

And yes, you are seeing yellow wall in the baby girl's room. Usually, people would paint the room pink, but for me I went with the yellow wall. I painted this one like two (2) years ago and I just went with it. That way I don't have to spend too much time painting, just a little bit. I think it would look great once it's done. That's all for now and I will show you more later on since this vintage inspired room is in progress.

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