Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Garden AKA My Jungle

I just love the reward you get after working very hard in your garden, all the sweats, the pain, the time and all the effort you put into it. To me, this is my reward. To see my plants growing, blooming and looking oh' so beautiful makes me really happy and I just want to enjoy my time outside staring at my plants. As you can see, it's one busy garden I have and I love it that way. Low maintenance garden is what I wanted especially next year I won't have enough time to be out working in my garden since we are about to have a new addition to our family. I am going to be one busy mommy so I made sure that I did most of the planting this year. I aimed for more perennial and wild plants this time. To show you some photos of my jungle, here they are.

One simple Blankenship yard.

I love the bricks as my border and it makes it looked more finished. Before, I didn't have those bricks at all and then we got lucky and a friend offered us all the bricks we want for free. Thank you so much!

These lilies I got from the country road years ago on our way home from the farm. The duck was also found by the river at the farm. Freebies!

Thank you to a good friend of mine and she is like a second mother to me. Her name is Vicky and she is the one providing me with most of these plants and flowers. I would say about 90% of my plants are from here and the rest are from the country road and from the store.

My jungle consists of moon flower, hollyhocks, hosta, garlic & onions (yes, I love to plant them along with my flowers as they look really good), bachelor's button, lilies, lavender, four o'clock, some shrubs, hydrangea, some wild flowers and plants that attract butterflies and honeysuckle, ornamental grass, yucca, etc. I mean, it's a jungle out there that I can't even identify some of them.

My next project will be a winter garden and I am on the research for plants that can survive the winter around here.

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  1. ayay! winter garden....ka pretty man kau ning imong garden mamiAdin it! how nice of your friend to give those bricks away...kamahal sa bricks dire...until now wapa jud ko nahuman sa ako yard project kay wa pa budget sa bricks...bato sa ako unahon!


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