Friday, July 1, 2011

Share -A -Thrift-Hunt #5 & Pregnancy Update: Thrifted Skirt

My share for today for the Share-A-Thrift-Hunt Thursday is going to be late. I am sharing you the skirt I am wearing in these pictures and that I got from a rummage sale. It was my maxi skirt that I showed you on this post a while back, but I decided to cut it short, then I stitched a vintage lace on the bottom of it. I paid 50 cents for the skirt. I love it! Perfect for the hot summer.

As for my pregnancy update, here are some pregnant photos. Thank God my pregnancy is doing so well and the baby's healthy and already moving around my tummy. I don't have any morning sickness at all, just some occasional lower abdomen pain or back pain which seems to be normal so I'm very happy.

My diet so far includes a lot of fruits, rice, fish, veggies and water. Water! Water! Water! Oh, with lots of ice that is. These days, I can't afford to be dehydrated as the temperature gets higher, hotter and humid. I am about five months pregnant and I am loving it!

I look like I just had a huge meal. LOL!

Showing off my baby bump.

Me and my little man HF. He seems to be happy and excited that he is going to be a big brother soon! He keeps talking to the baby tumtum and would say " Hello in there!" So cute! We hope you have a great weekend. Have a safe one! 


  1. you look very happy! :) i love your finds..the little dresses are just so cute. I love the pillow.. well i just love everything. you did great as always... we are loving kanas ..still unpacking, going to put our soft top on the jeep now that we are here :) Take care of yourself! stay cool :)

  2. You look very pretty. How many months pregnant are you now? Thanks for the visit!


  3. awwwwwwww...blooming man kau ang preggo your outfit mamiAdin...:) stunning!


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