Monday, February 20, 2012

Mommy & Me Monday: It Was A Beautiful Day Outside

I hope everyone's Monday is a great one! Before I go on about my mama chores, let me leave you some photos that I am linking to Mommy & Me Monday by Krystyn of Really, Are You Serious?

It is mama and my little man this time. Since giving birth to my second child 3 months ago, I have been busy with taking care of the little one that my son needs one-on-one time with mama. I decided to take him with me to the store and buy toys with the money he got from his aunt for Valentine's day, then we went grocery shopping and he was such a great help. I love spending time with him. The little girl on the other hand stayed with her dadda.

 What the little man was wearing: 
Shirt, Jean shorts, shoes are all gifts. 

Well, even though you only get to see the back of my little man, but hope this will count. The weather was so beautiful that day that we went outside to take photos, play, then headed to the dollar store to pick some toys for the little man. While the camera was beeping and about to take our picture, my little man decided he wanted me to carry him.

And there he goes wiggling around and stood right behind me. 
He was ready to head out and buy toys.

What Was Mama Wearing:  
Hat: Target
Wrangler Shirt: Thrifted $1
Black Jeans: Target $24.99
Shoes: it was on sale.

Blowfish Shoes. I love these. They are comfy to wear and goes with everything. 
(I am not paid to mention about their product, but I just want to share how I love these pair.) 


  1. Wow, Adin, you are one fashionista momma! :) And, I like your shoes. The first thing that went on my mind when I saw the shoes was that if they are comfy, and then you said they are! Nice, and good buy indeed :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you won't mind exchanging links or badges with me. I'm grabbing your badge now and will put it in my blog. Thanks again :)

  2. Nice pictures, I love those great colors. Greetings.

  3. what a beautiful day indeed...oh, I just love those shoes!

  4. Hi Adin, great photos! I wish you and your little man an awesome week ahead! And thanks for dropping by my blog!


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