Friday, February 3, 2012

My Little Pink Bee's Tiny Room

 It's a mixture of handmade, Vintage and some new items. Nothing fancy, but it's a tiny room for a tiny little bee decorated with love.

I made her that cute little bird mobile and she just loves starting at it. The crib sheet I made out of Vintage scrap fabrics. The rest of the pillows and stuffed toys are made by me as well.

Since I am using the closet in this room (it's the only spacious closet in the house) I made a makeshift closet instead. I had a carpenter build as a bench before so I used that to store some bins, then I found a small PVC pipe in the shed and used that as my rod to hang my little girl's clothes. The wire basket is storing her cloth diapers and the rest of the white bins are storing some of her items. Those white bins are from Dollar General so they are pretty inexpensive. In an effort to put more storage space, I purchased that closet organizer at Walmart and it works really well. 

 Her first day at home and 5 days old. 

(Week one after giving birth.)

It's one simple tiny room for my precious little bee!

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