Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2-Day Trip Before First Baby Arrived- 2008

It was summer of 2008, I was on my last trimester of pregnancy with our first child when my husband and I decided to take a 2-day trip to Arkansas to visit his uncle and cousin that he had not seen for a long time. While on our way to Arkansas, we made some stops and explored some areas for what little time we had. After my doctor's appointment, we hit the road and on our way to Arkansas. We did stop at Branson, Missouri, explored a little bit of the place and stayed at a cabin called Ozark Cabins for a night. The next day, we drove again and went to his uncle's place, we chatted a bit, then went back home to Kansas that afternoon. Here are some photos of our trip that year. It's fun to look at some old photos and remember those good ole' days. 

In Branson, Missouri.

The Landing. 
Look at the foggy river.

Parents-to-be- 2008.

Branson Belle

Fish Hatchery.

It was at the peak of the summer so this place was busy when we got there. It was not easy finding a place to park. It was too hot for a pregnant woman to be walking around  that we did a lot of driving around, then headed somewhere else. I would not mind going back someday though as we did not explore much of the place. There were a lot to see.

At the train station. 
It was a dine-in train ride. I forgot how much it was, but it was not cheap.

All Aboard!!!! 
If only my son knew we rode the choo-choo train, he would probably be excited. I love trains!

The pregnant me wanted to ride the train so much, I was very excited. Maybe it was my little man in the tummy telling me to ride the train. He loves locomotive so much!

Let's go for a choo-choo ride!

Lovely meal!
Trout, with wild rice and some steamed veggies.

Dessert is up!
Baked Alaska for dessert.
Absolutely delicious! The pregnant me was very happy. 

It was a lovely dinner and train ride.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas- 2008.
Heading out of Eureka Springs and unto our cabin for the night. 

Ozark Cabins
We rented a cabin for a night and it was absolutely lovely, peaceful and quite. What a place! We got up in the morning and we saw the mama deer with her fawns. 

We left the next morning and headed to his uncle's house.

Stopping at some buffet restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

Fruit Stand
Stopping to buy some fruits for us and for his uncle.

We love Cantaloupe and Watermelon!

My husband's uncle. I think he is around 90 something. He is the only one alive out of three brothers.It was nice meeting him for the very first time.

Hope you like the many photos I share you somewhere in Missouri and Arkansas in the year 2008.


  1. you look lovely, I look horrible lol swollen and all that dang! my last trimester I was fat hahaha but you do look pretty...yep, brings back memories..can't do much travelling now tungod sa mga kids..hay i wish sometimes we can do the same ole things we used to do but..I will not have it any other way! love my kiddo!travelling can wait sa dool2 lng usa ta karon hehehe thanks for stopping by~ Tales from my so called Life

  2. Nag-enjoy ako kakatingin sa mga pictures mo! Ang foggy nga nung river and it reminded me of the horror movie, "The Fog." Uy, ang ganda ganda mo namang buntis. I wish for myself and in behalf of all women in the world na sana ganyan din kami kaganda pag nabuntis ^^ Hehe! That dine-in train ride sounds so cool. I've been wanting to try that but I know that it's kinda expensive kaya hindi ko na lang tinutuloy i-plano :D

  3. wow, thanks for the virtual trip.. awesome.. advance congrats on your baby comin'.. was here for 87 bpc :)

    1. Thank you mommy, but this was 2008 so my little man is already grown up almost 4 years old. hehehehe... :)

  4. I have appreciated again your captures and the editing part.

  5. Beautiful photos and great adventures!

    Visiting for #87 challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  6. oh,my! what a fun trip...parang kelan lang ano....you always look fab mamiAdin...buros or not...ehehehe!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  7. wow love all yoour photos sis! looks like u had a fun ride! i wish we can do that, stop and look around, take a break for a minute and breath some fresh air, before heading to our final destination. hubby usually just drive all through it, non stop. we never get the chance to see other states has to offer, because it was all business for him.

    from TT

  8. is here again from bpc. love all your photos!


  9. Mommy Adin-- you were so blooming when you were pregnant! I bet your husband loved looking at you kay hiyang kaayo ka. :) I love all the photos! We would have gone to Ripley's Believe it or Not here in WI Dells last Spring Break pero gitapol jud ko naghuna-huna sa byahe. Lol. Super nice pics! :)

    BPC hop!

  10. beautiful pictures Momi Adin, right? love that famous upside down house...that is so cool :-) the train ride looks fun too :-) You look lovely even though you are pregnant :-) Dropping by for BPC.


  11. Back here for last week's TT Mommy Adin! All I can say is, I wish I am as blooming as you with my pregnancy! Lol.

    This week's TT is now up; hope to see your share again! :)


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