Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Homemade Baby Food

I enjoy making my little girl some homemade baby food because it is easy and it is good for her, and the fact that it tastes far better than the ones in the jarred food. I know that because I do taste the food before giving it to my baby (laughing). I do agree that the jarred ones are easy and convenient, but so is the homemade one. All you have to do is make them in one big batch, store and freeze them. When you are ready to use, just pop them out, thaw and add cereal, water or milk. Easy peasy!!! I am doing really well at not buying jarred baby food. My little girl started eating solids when she was about 3 1/2 months old and since then I only bought two jarred food for her and that was when we were traveling. I would say by making it homemade, we are able to save up some money.  We should be rich by now with all of the money saving ways we are doing (laughing). You know how expensive these jarred baby food can get in just an itty-bitty tiny jar they come in with. Anyway, here are some that I made the other day. 

I boiled sweet potatoes, peas, and broccoli the other day, then I pureed them in the food processor and I have an instant baby food. How easy was that! All I had to do was to store them in the ice tray, cover it, and stick it in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the cubed baby food and store them in freezer bags. Once you are ready to use, just take out one or two cubes to thaw and warm up, then mix with cereal, milk or water if desired. Or prepare it by itself. I bet your baby will like it, at least my little girl does. I must admit I was a bit worried about pureeing the broccoli because I thought it would turn out a bit stringy or it's not going to be creamy for the baby to eat (what was I thinking), but I was actually very pleased with the outcome. The pureed broccoli tasted creamy and just delicious. I would eat these food as well. You think baby food is yucky and tasteless, well think again! I told you making homemade baby food was easy. Of course, it is your own decision to make whether or not to make homemade ones or just buy them at the store. The thing with homemade food though is that it does not have any added unnecessary ingredients in the baby food. Fresh, fresh, fresh!!!!

Look at the colors of the pureed baby food. You know it's going to be good. 
And that makes for one happy, healthy baby.

 Two bottom teeth and counting. One crawling and active baby girl she is. I am a happy mama. We love you sweetie!!! 


  1. So true jud mommy A fresh, fresh, fresh! Mas barato pa sad kay sa ready made na. Bisan gani organic tanan amo gipakaon ni Jeremiah mas barato pa basta homemade palit lang raw dayon lutoon lang. Emmm yummy.

  2. Iba talaga ang homemade. Lutong bahay at healthy pa walang preservative. I can only imagine the produce you gonna have after all the planting you have. Mag canning ka ba this year? ^_^ Thanks sa bisita my dear I do appreciate it!

  3. yum! nothing beats homemade...super cute kau sa little girl woi!

    thanks for visiting my BPC entry mamiAdin...great to be here again!

  4. yay! home made foods for the pretty and growing baby Shelby :-) pakiss Tita Jess :-) Returning from BPC

  5. revisiting here :)

    i remember this so well, i used to do this for my second child. I pureed all her food from fresh produce. I felt guilty kay sa akong eldest puro ready made akong gina feed sa iya sauna, mao tingali di nya feel ang vegies, but akong daughter nahan kaayo ug mga sagbot hehehhehe

  6. Haha! Happy baby indeed! My friend's son is the same, homemade jud ang foodies niya so ang resulta, healthy baby kaayo. :D I did the same with Triz before pud.

    BPP hop!

  7. wow very lucky baby! so precious. =) it looks very good indeed! i would like to have some please. hehe
    thanks for joining BPC sis. #149 is now up!


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