Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mud Bath

When I saw my little man covered in mud after stumping and playing happily in the mud puddle, it reminded me of a photo that my husband sent me seven years ago (boyfriend then) of him after a mud bath in Romania. After a big rain, our garden was flooded and it was an opportunity for my little boy to be a boy and play in the mud. To him it was the most fun thing ever and most kids don't mind being dirty because for them getting in the mud is fun. It wasn't all that happy site for me at first because he was sitting and stumping on the area where we planted vegetables and seeds so I was a bit worried, but I got over it and just let him be. Being a mommy sure taught me a lot of things. I taught, being covered in mud is not going to hurt him. If he is having such a great time and get him out of trouble or terrorizing our chickens, then so be it. We can plant vegetables again if they don't come up after this. No big deal! Anyway, here are some photos of him covered in mud. I wish I had that photo of my husband covered in mud in Romania to compare with our little man's photo. Hilarious!

Why go to Romania to get a mud bath when you can do it in your own backyard. He is my hilarious and one adventurous little boy. He is a BEAR GRYLLS fan for sure. I don't know how many 3-year old boy would ask their mama to turn the TV on so he could watch Man Vs. Wild. This boy does even when he was only two years old.

What else can you do, but to give him a bath.


  1. Hehehe sure he is having so much fun. Cguro I will freak out Mommy Adin if I saw my daughter nga nabulit ug mud, but on the other thought, mas maayo sab nga they can experience something like this so they can have something to look back when they are grown up.

    Very carefree jud kaayo tan awon imong bugoy :-)

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  2. awwww! boys are always boys Momi Adin, they wants to have fun in a wild way....he looks so cute :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  3. Hahaha! Ka-nice ana Mommy Adin! I wouldn't care, too, for my own to play in he mud. Kaso lang, wala mi sarili diri nga kalapokan for her to explore and enjoy! Lol. Back then, pastilan, kalipay pud namo ng lapok during rainy season sa Bukidnon pa ko growing up. And I want Triz to experience that, too. Same pud si bana. Nice didto sa Dead Sea Mommy Adin kay daghan mud, naa jud sila ritual didto nga mud bathing, mura pareho anang gi-mention nimo sa Russia. :D

    BPC hop ko diri!

  4. oh boy! looks like he had so much fun! he is so cute! we should let kids be kids cause they grow up so fast, we dont want them to missed out this fun. u did a great job mommy. and thanks for joining BPC!

  5. Ha, ha, ha!!! Mud boy:) Okay ra na Mommy as long as nag enjoy sya:)

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  6. What a cute kid, and having so much fun in the mud!


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