Monday, June 4, 2012

Ordinary Monday and Grocery Day

Off to the grocery store I went today and our temperature today is hot and humid. We are around 84, which feels like 86 according to the weather radar. With that said, I had to wear something comfy (there goes the word "comfy" again) and breezy. I could not decide how to wear my hair because if I let it hang it's quite a bit hot, so my other option was to put it up in a bun again and I tried to put on a scarf. I am not so sure if I look that good, but hey it works. It keeps me feeling cool while the weather is not. This is my mama-off-to-the-grocery-store-look for today. Nothing much happening in this household, but we are trying to make most of our summer here in town before moving to a new place. The summer heat is going to make for a simple mama outfit and possibly more road trip photos. Oh! Hopefully more sewing as well. We will see! 

Scarf: Old Navy (old)
Shirt: DIYed. Thrifted for a dollar a sack.
Skirt: Altered and hemmed to the right length. Thrifted for a dollar a sack.
Bag: Freepiled. Was my mother-in-law's. 
Shoes: Simple via These shoes are made out of recycled materials.

There is a surprise to this shirt. The back part! 

The back part of this shirt was from NY&C that I didn't like the fitting and the style and I was about to donate it. Good thing I didn't. The pink one on the front part was thrifted and I altered it, which resulted to an unsuccessful altering and way too tight fitting. After I saw the inspiration, this is what I came up with. What do you think?

 My tummy ache pose. 

If you have noticed, there are some corn on the ground for the chickens to eat. Or even birds. Did you even know that birds do like to eat dog food? Whenever our dog Spink doesn't finish eating her dog food, the birds would come and eat them. So cute! Anyway, how did we end up talking about birds? Oh yeah!

Lastly, a photo of my kids. Kuya (big brother) is comforting little sister while crying.
Playing outside making a fort. Isn't making a fort fun? 
Enjoy the rest of your Monday! 


  1. Very nice refashioning, Adin - that's a pretty shirt you created. Your kids are gorgeous, of course!

  2. awww, love the color combination of your outfit of the day mommy Adin :) Summer colors and that turquoise skirt is so cute. love it! kandid moment of your kids there. The bro is so sweet to his sister.

  3. Very thrifty outfit...and chic as always...i like the surprise at the back...great way to reinvent a dull top. Nice job! I love the colors of your outfit too


  4. looking fabulous as ever Momi Adin :-) always looking forward for your fashion pose :-) so cute :-) what a sweet Kuya he is :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  5. you have a gorgeous body too mommy Adin :) you have nice curves in your side view. hehehe back here doing my 366 bpc rounds.

  6. Very pretty Tita!

    Yellow Ride, would love for you to come and see it, I had fun!

  7. I like the last photo of your kids..they're so precious.

  8. I love your scarf!

    The photo of your kids is so sweet. :)

  9. Nice, comfy outfit:)

    Visiting for 156/366 bpc- hope you can stop by:)

  10. Marunong ka talaga magdala ng damit Mommy Adin, kahit simpleng get up lang nagiging maganda!

    Late visiting for MYM, hope you can still visit my yellow post, thanks!

  11. It is amazing how you alter the clothes and change it to your specification. It looks nice on you Mommy Adin. Looks comfy too. BPC hopping from

  12. that is so cute mommy Adin! i love how the way u make the back part. love it!
    visiting from BPC

  13. Very nice get-up Mommy Adin. I love the idea of the scarf. Very comfortable looking for grocery shopping :-)

    Your kids by the way are so adorable and sweet.

    Hopping for BPC!

  14. Ganda nung likod nung top na suot mo! Napaka sweet namn ng photo gg mgakaptid!

  15. Mommy Adin-- slim na kaayo ka oi! Makaibog! You always exudes confidence whatever attire you sport! :)

    BPC 156 hop!

  16. interesting. I'm not good in choosing the right outfit for me, that's why i always hide myself in the back (not to mention my big tummy that i couldn't hide.

    thanks for joining green monday and hope to see you again this monday.


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