Thursday, June 14, 2012

Firmoo Glasses and Maxi Dress

Boy! Have I been gone from blogging for what seems like forever now? I just have a lot of things going through my head right now that a little vacation from blogging world was needed just to relax and unwind. I could not get my thoughts together and would usually end up in not knowing what to blog or what to say, so instead I took the blog off. Definitely worth it! I had plenty of time spent with the family. The most important thing in the world.

Anyway, I will be back in full swing some time because this month will be one busy month for us. A road trip is ahead of us, but not the purely-vacation-time-kind-of-trip, but something to do with searching for a new place to stay when we finally move to a new place. After the house searching, we are heading to another town for two days for my husband's workshop and we will see what happens then. There might be a little vacation to the mountains or maybe we will go back and look for another house again if we still can't find one. Wish us luck!

For now, I'll leave you with some photos of me and my new free glasses.

Sunglasses: courtesy of (free)
Maxi Dress: Walmart (refashioned)
Shoes: Blowfish via
I said refashioned on this dress, but I guess I should call it more like a little tweaked dress. I bought this maxi dress at Walmart last month without trying them on, I just yanked it right away from the rack when I saw the size small and into the cart. When we came home, I tried it on to find out that I don't like the shape of it on me and just make me look like I am pregnant again. No! We don't want a mama-is-pregnant-again kind of look, so I immediately thought of shirring. Shirring is what I usually do whenever I alter clothes to give it some shape without having to add belt. Easy to do!

 (Sorry, I look like mad in most of my photos. Trust me, I wasn't. I was just tired and in a hurry to make it to my doctor's appointment.)

Now, I have a more defined waist without using a belt. Using a belt to this dress would probably be way too much because of that embellishment on the front. That's just what I thought, but again I am no expert when it comes to fashion or whatever. I just go with whatever I thought would look good on me and appropriate.

I got my new freebie glasses from the other day and I was excited to try them on. What do you think? Does it look good on me? Anyway, although this was not the right pair of sunglasses I wanted, but because the one I wanted was out of stock, they sent me a different pair instead. But hey! These are for free, so I'll take it. These pair of glasses came in at the right time when I felt like I needed a new pair of sunglasses for this summer, something inexpensive, and these arrived. Firmoo has some awesome glasses to choose from for both men and women in reasonable prices that you don't want to miss. Glasses that range from different shapes, styles, colors and even prescription glasses. Firmoo also has a virtual mirror, which you can try on a pair of glasses virtually so you have an idea of which pair of glasses suits best for the shape of your face. Awesome!!! Make sure to check out and get yourself a new pair of glasses. After all, glasses are the inexpensive way to sprucing up your style this summer. Now go! Thank you once again, Firmoo glasses!

Note: Even though provided me with free glasses, my words are 100% mine. 


  1. I love the maxi dress! Good job sa shirring!

  2. awww! hot Mama you are :-) looking great in those glasses and I love the dress :-) great job :-)

  3. you look gorgeous mami adin :) love your dress. kaw pod na ng tahi? ka talented ba

  4. Oh my, what a great idea of styling your own dress! what a crafty mama you are mommy Adin :) cool glasses, love it!

  5. Hot mama! The maxi dress is very nice. Love the color and the details around the neck area.

    Visiting for BPC!

  6. Mommy Adin-- bongga kaayo ang result sa shirring that you did. Aguy, makaibog jud kay daghan dresses nga bati ug looks pero i'm sure mapanindot if only I have the skill to do it. Minus jud kaayo ko! Lol. The glasses look good on you Mommy! Too bad isa lang imong nakuha! :)

    Good luck and God bless diay sa upcoming trips. Bisan not the vacation-type-of-a-trip, I hope you'll still make a way to have fun! ;-)

    BPC 166 hop!

  7. yay! bonggacious kaau ka as always Momi Adin :-) loe the maxi dress and the glasses too :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  8. Mommy Adin maayo kaayo nimo pag ka refashion ang imong dress. Talented jud ka. Diri si mama ra ang naa anang talenta. Lare BPC hopping. Mine is up at .

  9. angayan kaayo ka mommy Adin. love the way you dress and you are a genuine woman pa gyud kay dli arte when it comes to outfit. nice to have a friend like you. dropping by via 366 bpc.

    1. Mommy Mel thank you so much. That is nice to hear from you. Good to know you as well and being a friend. Ingon ani ra jud ko manamit mommy Mel, dili ra kaayo ko sobra ka arte when it comes to dressing up and dili jud ko nimo makit-an nga magpasuper mini skirt and boobs are almost about to poop out. hahahaha.. modest gamay ning akoa style, walay daghang arte. Salamat once again!

  10. Love this dress! I'm really jealous of your sewing skills! :)

    Jess - J's Style


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