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Product Review: My New Workout Clothes From Ellie

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Lately, the temperature in our neck of the woods has started to hike up during the day time (even humid) so I thought it would be perfect to switch my workout clothes into something suitable for the weather. I needed a new pair of short pants and a top for working out because my old one is, well, old. Luckily, I got some new workout clothes from Ellie that are comfy and chic. I love that It has a nice stretch to it and I don't feel itchy wearing the clothes while working out. 

The Ellie work out clothes are made of great quality. And I am not just saying that for the sake of good review, but that's because it is true. To me, if you are going to workout a lot, you might as well invest in a good piece of clothing that not only lasts longer, but are also comfortable and makes you feel sexy too. 

Whenever I work out, I want to be comfortable in whatever I wear. The clothes must be something that allows me to breathe easily and doesn't stop me from moving around. This may be a TMI, but when I am in the house working out, I do tend to wear my two-piece (why not! It's just at home) because they are comfortable (and oh, I like to workout barefooted too). I don't have a whole lot of fabric clinging on to my body while you are moving around sweating like a pig. But, I don't have to do that quite often this summer anymore because I have new comfortable and chic work out clothes to wear. 

The top from Ellie is a soft, stretchy material that hugs your body, it is lightweight, with shelf bra, and it does help keep skin dry while working out, and it is made of durable material. You can find all the product details as you scroll down below on both the Truth Or Dare Carbon Top and the Moon Shadow Short. Thanks, Ellie! 

My new Summer Workout Clothes
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I also love the style of the Moon Shadow Short. It has a thick band around and V-shape like on the front of the shorts that feels comfortable in the tummy area. So stylish! I have never had a pair like this before. It is light and comfortable to wear. I do love my new workout clothes! It is true that when you are wearing comfortable and sexy workout clothes during workout, that it increases your energy and your determination to keep going. If you are working hard to get that sexy, strong body of yours, why not flaunt it and wear something not only of comfort, but chic as well. And you can buy those clothing at Ellie! 

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Originally, I wanted the Vixen top because the design is unique and sexy, and something I have never seen from any women's workout clothes before. But, they sent me a different one so I'll have to be happy with the freebies I got. Besides, these are adorable workout clothes that you can't say no to. 

Truth or Dare Carbon

Truth or dare, you won't sweat it in this tank. With seamless construction and a lightweight breathable fabric you will stay dry and fresh. With streamlined detailing it makes a statement on it's own or is great for wearing with layers. Try this top on and we'll bet it'll be your new favorite too. Go ahead, we dare you.
  • Key Features:
  • Seamless construction to help keep skin dry and from getting irritated
  • Lightweight and moisture resistant fibers keep you dry
  • Body hugging fit for flexibility and wide range of movement
  • Stretchy and durable fabric hold true shape so garment won't shrink
  • Product Specs:
  • designed for: gym, yoga, run
  • fabric(s): seamless knit
  • properties: chafe-resistant, breathable, seamless four-way stretch
  • shelf bra: yes
  • support level: medium
  • coverage: medium
  • fit: body hugging
  • length: hip

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Moon Shadow Short


Here comes our very first pair of Ellie shorts! Its surplice waistband, playful length and sporty side slits will give you the illusion of legs for days. This lightweight short is made from our Ellie Mesh and has a built-in brief, so you'll feel comfortable and covered whether you’re getting down into lunges or running a 5 K.
  • Key Features:
  • Dri-fit fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable
  • Built-in briefs for coverage and support
  • Gentle mesh creates extra ventilation
  • Hip-hugging surplice waistband keeps your shorts in place
  • Side-slits give you flexibility to move
  • Product Specs:
  • designed for: gym, run
  • fabric(s): EllieMesh, EllieProTex
  • properties: chafe-resistant, breathable, four-way stretch
  • rise: low
  • liner: yes

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I am a shorty mama (4' 9") so even though the product detail says the length of the top is up to the hip, it is a bit longer on my short frame. But that's okay, I have no problem with that. 

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I have been preparing myself (mentally and physically) to start running again. Years ago I did start running and I thought I was going to go from there and maybe start training for a 5k, but that didn't happen (I had my second child and lost my motivation). My goal this year would be, to be able to love running and make it a part of my daily routine and enter a 5K someday. Do I think I can do it? I hope so! For now, I am doing a 6-Week Ab Workout so wish me luck. 

For more information and updates about the stylish collection of workout clothes from Ellie, visit their website today. And, if you decide to purchase any of their clothing,  don't forget that Ellie offers women a chic new line in women's fitness apparel. Save 20% Now.
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  1. Looks like a great product. You look super in the photos and certainly have your beautiful figure back after the two pregnancies. You make it look easy but of course it is very difficult to fit exercise time into your busy life. Good work.

    1. Thank you so much, double auntie Covina. I absolutely love their product. Great quality and sexy. :) Sure doesn't come easy to loose the post-pregnancy weight on both pregnancies. :)

  2. I love Ellie!...and you look so sexy in your workout clothes too...:-)

  3. cute outfit and look at you go girl

  4. Nice! I've never heard of Ellie before but it sounds like they might be worth checking out. I spend enough time in workout clothes these days that I agree, I want something comfortable AND fashionable. Great review!

  5. Super sexy ka talaga Mommy Adin, love the shorts! Ellie's workout apparel are really comfortable, I use them a lot!

    1. I really love where your home is situated Mommy Adin, it seems to be a relaxing place to do yoga and other fitness routines.

  6. Exercise is a good determination as it is a good way to discipline our self as well. sexy mommy and good outfit though My Ellie in on the way cant wait.

  7. I love Ellie clothing, I was worried that those shorts might be too short so I did not order them. They look really cute on you.

  8. You look great in them! Thanks for the information on their clothing.

  9. I haven't tried Ellie clothing but it sounds like just what I need for working out. The clothes look great on you!

  10. Good luck with your goals! I hate sweating while I'm working out even though they say it's good for you. I love their Racerback Tanks!

  11. wow, you look amazing mommy Adin! I want to have that figure. hehe cool workout outfits!

  12. you have a very nice yard mommy. looks perfect area to do lots of exercise. :)

  13. I like Ellie products and the material is really great for workout clothing. Lightweight and stretchy. Same here mami Adin. Love to start running so I can do marathons too with my husband.

  14. wow fantastic! I like how Ellie is such a very generous company. I like the stretchy and lightweight clothes too.

  15. Super cute! And go you!!!--doing the splits--I am very impressed. I'm pretty sure I would have broken something trying to duplicate all your poses.

  16. I love the short! It looks so comfy and just has enough coverage as well. Very sexy mama!

  17. I've seen this sports gear being reviewed one too many in most of my pals' blog site and I must agree with them and yours too. After seeing pictures of how comfy it looked like and reading wonderful raves about the gear, I'm so tempted to get one for myself. I like breathable sporting gear because it releases perspiration.

    Ria C

  18. Woah! Sure did a good job on that split. :) I can't do that anymore.
    Those are trendy workout outfit.

  19. Lucky you! Those work out clothes look super comfy!

  20. What a sexy momma! Another great product review Adin, detailed and makes me want to buy that product now. I want those pair too. Dang, I remember that split before hehehe, I am envious, I can't even bend nyahaha.


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