Friday, September 13, 2013

Product Review: BodyWorksBand

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I must admit these past few days I have had a hard time getting back into the rhythm of working out again. I do miss being able to sweat it out, but I lost that momentum. My husband was right, if you workout and happen to stop even just a day or two, sometimes it is hard to get back on track and get that momentum going. I should have not stopped my boxing workout, but I did. When there are times I don't feel like doing some Cardio, I like to use my newly found workout friend- the BodyWorksBand. Some of you may have heard of this product from before or may have used it yourselves, but when I found out about the BodyWorksBand, I wanted to try. What it is, is a simple, unique device that helps you stay fit while you are on-the-go. It is lightweight, stretchable, and does not cost a fortune. It helps you with your simple strength training exercise routine. I love that the band itself has illustrations of ways you can use the band. You wouldn't think that a simple device like this can help you with your workout. You would be surprised. I carried the BodyWorksBand with me the entire summer we were traveling because it is easy to store it in your bag and doesn't take up hardly any space at all. Read below to further understand BodyWorksBand

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What is BodyWorksBand?

•    Almost weightless resistance band that acts as a “personal trainer”
•    Total body workout—works all the major muscle groups

•    Exercise tool that facilitates weight-bearing exercises, builds strength, improves bone density, and stretches
•    “Traveling gym” that goes with you wherever you go.
•    Easy, simple, effective exercises
•    Exercise tool that acts as your “memory”—helps you always remember a sound, well-rounded workout routine

Why use BodyWorksBand?

•    Inexpensive, “recession proof” Personal Trainer
•    Offers consistency in your exercise program regardless of where you are
•    Built-in memory
•    Safe, effective exercises developed by a certified personal trainer with over 25 years experience
•    Lightweight, easy to carry when traveling
•    Simplicity and ease of use encourages consistent use

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I like to use the BodyWorksBand to tone up my bum, my legs, thighs, and working the tummy area. I no longer have the body that I used to have before having babies so it takes time to get it back in shape especially when sometimes you lose that motivation. I could surely use another long hike these days too, but for now BodyWorksBand will help me along with doing other workout at home. 

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Don't forget to check out their website today and learn more about the BodyWorksBand. Thank you, BodyWorksBand

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  1. Seems like a fun and different way to exercise. I wouldn't mind trying something out like that. You make it look so easy. lol

  2. Great product. I hardly have any time to work out. This would make it easy to do in any spare time.

  3. That's the one I need! I don't have much time since I work, I know, lame excuse, but having that product would greatly help me. I need to work on my waist! hehehe.

  4. I do agree, I am that way. Whenever I start, I don't want to stop because when I do, it's hard to get back to it again.

  5. This looks like a useful and very effective one to have. I like the fact that you can carry it anywhere.

  6. Great for traveling
    I a free with your hubs: u arp a day or two and now it has been s year with no exercise...

  7. This is great for strengthening your muscles.

  8. I love that workout tool. very innovative and handy.

  9. i love the instructional pictures in it.

  10. I used these bands in physical therapy

  11. Wow, that's really a creative way to exercise. I wish I could get back to exercising.. I am so lazy in this weather.

  12. I'd love to have one :) Looks easy.

  13. I see to it that I exercise evry morning doing walking, jogging and zumba. That workband is interesting as it can give some tension while exercising.

  14. Mommy Adin,
    that is a cool product to try :-) You look very flexible :-) I definitely need that to help me balance :-)

  15. LOL at "recession proof". :D The product does look like an effective exercise tool. It being very handy makes it perfect to take to vacations.

  16. I need to exercise but just being so lazy. This may be a good idea to start with. Lightweight and portable.

  17. Look like a fun fitness gear :) I do that leg stretching at the gym too.

  18. not until i scroll down to your photos -now i know why you said the band's recession-proof :)
    happy exercising sis.


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