Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Product Review: Long Sleeve Shirts By Warrior Poet Clothier

Last summer, I had the chance to review a shirt from Warrior Poet Clothier. It is the type of shirt that is designed for growing boys. T-shirts that are comfortable and made of wonderful quality that can last washes after washes. Seriously, the first shirt that my little man got still exists up to this day. The Warrior Poet Clothier t-shirt is still in great condition and the prints have not fade. It is that good and we are a fan of this company. I like their shirts so much that I contacted the company for another chance in reviewing their Fall/Winter Collection and this time around, I got two long sleeve shirts. Their shirts and hoodies are a hit that all the shirts we like were all out of stock so we chose these two. Check out below.

 photo WarriorPoetClothier_zpscfac169d.png

About The Company
History shows us many examples of The Warrior Poet. From the chivalrous knight, to the intrigue of the samurai, we are drawn to this gifted individual. The Warrior Poet is balanced, stronger than most, more thoughtful than most------ part of the leadership class who guides with wisdom and courage. The Warrior Poet is a spiritual warrior who understands that he embodies the heavenly representation to the earth and the earthly representation to the heavens. 

Like the Warrior Poet, at the core of every young man is the desire to save the day and love to the fullest. Pop culture says, "You're either a lover or a figther." The Warrior Poet says, "Be BOTH!"

At Warrior Poet Clothier, our crusade is "Building Armor With A Flare For The Next Generation Of Men." Telling them to go further, dream bigger, and look good doing it. 

World Tour T-shirt
 photo mm_zpsfeacc53c.png

 photo ShirtCollage_zps2b1a305a.jpg

 photo Shirt2Collage_zps989e956a.jpg

Lady Liberty Long-Sleeve Shirt
 photo wwwwarriorpoetclothiercomLadyLiberty_zpsb4a97135.png

 photo IMG_2314_zps2f850267.jpg

These shirts have quickly become favorites for my little man and even my little girl wanted to wear it. They are soft and comfortable to wear and perfect for layering. Take note though, these do not insulate your boy from the cold that's why I said it is perfect for layering. The designs are unique and the prints do not fade. Even the color of the shirt does not fade. If it were my money, I would say it is worth the buy. And, it would also be wonderful as Christmas Stocking stuffers since the season is just around the corner. Don't forget to checkout their website today. Thank you, Warrior Poet Clothier! 

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  1. I love those shirts. Children will absorb the subliminal messages and who knows what may grow from the seeds planted. Wonderful concept.

  2. I want one of these for me!
    Love the concept

  3. Awww what cool dude! He looks handsome!

  4. beautifully designed shirts :) i am interested to buy for my boys, be visiting their website :)

  5. So great for cold weather months. Looks cute on him.

  6. I love the style of that World Tour shirt, the colors are what my youngest would pick. Your little one looks happy in his new shirt.

  7. They have great varieties of design that i like for my son, very unique and the fabric used is great for our kid's skin.

  8. these shirts are so cool and kids must really like them

  9. Love WP :) they have the most unique clothing for boys. Their designs are very detailed and well handcrafted too. My son has that shirt too.

  10. These shirts are so cute as well as stylish. Your children seem to be comfortable in them and that is a plus.

  11. What a stylish shirt for boys. I'd like to get one for my nephew. :) So cute.

  12. For a young boy, those shirts are really awesome and very stylish! I remember my uncle (when we were younger) buying such designs and even my boyfriend who isn't so young anymore now. Haha! Thanks for sharing about these awesome shirts for lil boys!

  13. kids can be also fashionable too these days through Warrior Poet Clothier finds. Thanks for reviewing their products and now I know where to buy dope finds for my nephews..

  14. Looks great on them! Very stylish and every kid would love to have this on Christmas. Perfect clothes for winter season.

  15. This looks good for those boys - very handsomy feel! <3

  16. Would love to have some for my little boy! The designs are so cool!

  17. cool shirt! so good for him but i can't help to say that he got a nice boots, too!

  18. These long sleeved shirts for kids are very cool! Your little boy looks soo cute and cool!

  19. The little boys in the above photo look so handsome in their outfits. They actually looked like teenagers.

  20. Those shirts look very stylish! Your little man looks really cute and gwapo wearing it. Hihi. :)


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