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Product Review: Lucky & Me Kids Underwear (Luxuriously Soft and Comfortable)

Do you have little ones that are very picky when it comes to their underwear? Or, when it comes to their clothes in general? Are you shopping for kids underwear with great quality and at reasonable prices? Check out this new company that I found out that offers luxuriously soft, comfortable and high-quality kids underwear. A few days ago, my kids received complimentary underwear from Lucky & Me; A boxer brief for my boy and a pair of pink leggings for my girl. Now I am sure you are wondering what is Lucky & Me so I hope you stay awhile and read my review to learn more about the company and their products. 

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What is Lucky & Me?
Lucky & me is a company founded by a mom (Rochelle) who went searching for high-quality underwear for daughter and end up buying poorly constructed, dull, scratchy undies. Instead of giving up the search, an inspiration struck a mom who also happens to have a background in fashion industry. With lots of hard work and dedication put in to make this mission a reality, Rochelle came up with products that are made of luxuriously soft, smooth, stylish and comfortable underwear and leggings for kids. 

The Lucky & Me line features fresh, plaful designs, with charming details like lace trims and bows, and tagless backs. Available in size 2T through 5T for girls and boys, the entire line can easily be mixed and matched to your child's liking. It's a stylish collection of underwear and leggings that works for all events- from tea parties to jungle gyms- and it's one that kids will be comfy in forever after! 

What does the company promise?
We believe underwear is just as important as birthday cake. 
Our mission is to redefine the underwear category for kids with fabric that's soft and comfortable, thoughtfully designed details, adorably chic styles that capture the whimsy of childhood and prices that won't break the piggy bank. 

Check out our full line of underwear and leggings for girls and boys in sizes 2T to 5T. And may your little ones be as comfy as ever. 

Here are the items we received:
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 photo LuckyampMeCollage_zps1e1f4f40.jpg

 photo KidsCollage_zpsfb8360ba.jpg

 photo ToddlerBoysUnderwearISoftComfyBoysBoxerBriefsIEthanBoxerBrief_zpsd1622f33.png
Ethan Boys Boxer Brief
Size: 5T
Color: Blue
Price: $8.00 
Free shipping at $25

Now there's a softer side to rugged little boys. Our Boy's Boxer Brief is the most ah-mazingly soft undie that's as durable as him. Great for wearing under space suits and super hero getups. 

- Cushy blend of 45% cotton 45% modal 10% spandex
- Contrast Stitching
- No opening for easy pull down
- Well-designed elastic trim for consistent fit
- Tagless back ensures itch-free moments
- Machine Washable

 photo IMG_2425_zps9c553d46.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps042c3995.jpg

What do we like about it?

- Made of high-quality fabric, which means it will last longer and you get your money's worth. 
- According to my husband, this is one good looking underwear that he wishes he had a pair. 
- The contrast stitching detail adds to the cuteness factor of the underwear. 
- No tag on the back means bye-bye itch. 
- True to size.
- It has a great stretch to it.  
- The cut is wonderful and nothing off about it, and it fits well on my boy. 
- The stitching is intact and no thread loose or hanging out. 
- The elastic is comfortable. 
- What else can I say except these are the softest, comfiest, and cute underwear. Even my boy can tell. 

What we don't like about it?
- Nothing! 

 photo LeggingsforToddlerGirlsIComfortableLeggingsforGirlsLeggingsIShippingat25_zpse7130c0a.png
Jada Capri Leggings
Size: 2T
Color: Pink Pong
Price: $14.00
Free Shipping at $25

Let her kick it up a blisfully soft notch with our long-on-comfort Jada Capri Legging. Perfect for pairing with mermaid t-shirts or wearing under princess gowns. Mix and match with our Mia Tank and Kelly Racerback.

- Cushy blend of 45% cotton 45% modal 10% spandex
- Well-designed elastic waist and lace hem for consistent fit
- Tagless back ensures itch-free moments
- Machine Washable

 photo IMG_2417_zpsdf9f83cd.jpg

What do we like about it?
- The leggings are made of high-quality material, which means it will last longer and you get your money's worth. 
- We love the pink color. 
- True to size.
- No tag on the back means bye-bye itch. 
- It has a great stretch to it. 
- Cute lace detail on the hem and that little fish logo on the bottom is super cute! 
- Its Versatility. You can dress it up or dress it down. 
- The stitching is really nice and no thread's loose or hanging out. 
Made of a thicker material compare to the other cheap leggings you buy at the store. Not to mention these are the softest, comfiest, stylish leggings that my girl has ever own in such a price that does not break the bank. If these leggings are this luxuriously soft and comfortable, you'll know the rest of their collections are. I wish I had one! 

What we don't like about it?
- Nothing! That's how impressed we are of these leggings. We want more in different colors! 

If this was my money, it would absolutely be worth the buy. There is nothing cheaply made about Lucky & Me's products. You get the high-quality of fabric our little ones deserve at a fraction of the cost. Don't forget to visit Lucky & Me website today and browse around. I am sure you would agree with me if I say they would make lovely Christmas Stocking Stuffer. Your kids will thank you for it. Thank you, Lucky & Me! 

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  18. Lucky & Me has added new products with larger sizes (upto 9/10). Check out the new Logan Classic Tee (www.luckyandme.com) – probably the softest undershirt for boys.



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