Thursday, January 30, 2014

My SAHM Style: Casual And Comfy

Wore it on a quick run to the store just to get a few things. No make up and all. Casual and comfy.
 photo IMG_2794_zps17b6ef04.jpg
Beanie: Academy (old)
Carcoat: Target (old) 
Shirt: c/0 Five Finger Tees
Scarf: Old Navy Thrifted and DIY-ed
Bag: Military Medicine Kit Bag? (I am not so sure) Thrifted 
Jeans: Quiksilver (old)
Socks: Target (old)
Rainboots: Chooka via 6pm

Looking at my photos made me realize I am actually wearing a lot of my old stuff, but it works. And the boots, I love the color, but I hate it. I mean, 6pm did a poor job again of sending me the items. When I opened the box, I saw white patches all over the boots and it stunk. And it is not going away ever at all. I know I should return it, but I won't bother returning the boots back to 6pm. If you shop at their store frequently, then you know what I am saying. Still, I will wear it since I paid for it. 

 photo IMG_2797-Copy_zps19edfbff.jpg

 photo IMG_2795_zpsd1c86b12.jpg

 photo IMG_2804_zps26eb945d.jpg

 photo IMG_2798_zpsd1f272d5.jpg

 photo IMG_2811_zps75eab4d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2813_zps68dd3b0d.jpg


  1. Your photos are always so fun and interesting. Love your outfit, as usual. You have a great sense of style.

  2. THe beauty of the nature and the beauty of the human combined is superb. Lovin the get up!

  3. That sucks! You paid the right price and did not get the right quality. I could relate about returning the items, I don't like returning items either, too much works! Anyway, you looked great in your outfit. :)

  4. Very nice winter outfit mommy :) I like your carcoat. Wish we have target nearby here so I can get one. I love that it has big pockets.

  5. you look so comfy with your outfit mamiAdin! I hate when that happens. I love shopping at 6pm though.

  6. Your outfit looks cozy, comfortable and even warm which is great in all that snow!

  7. Love the entire outfit but the boots are striking!!
    Great photos with nature


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