Saturday, February 1, 2014

Food Portion: The Ensaymada Saga

This has been an ongoing experimentation with making some Ensaymada that look and taste like what we have back in the Philippines. There are days when I feel the craving for Ensaymada really bad, but unfortunately, I have not yet learned the secret to making the fluffiest, softest, and buttery bread. Thus, it still is a saga. 

The other day I happened upon a recipe while searching on Pinterest. Yes, you got that right. I actually spend time on Pinterest searching for recipes that I find interesting to try. Who doesn't? I have tried different recipes before, but somehow mine just doesn't turn out quite right.  For this recipe, I feel like I could be closer to finding the right way to making my pillowy soft bread that reminds of Ensaymada in the Philippines. I may not be able to make it exactly like the ones in the Philippines, but at least I want to come up with something close to it that makes me feel satisfied. 

For the bread that I made yesterday, it is soft (even the next day), but it is not there yet. I have a few ideas in my head that I want to apply the next time I make another batch that might also do the trick. Making this type of bread takes a lot of time and patience and it is tedious, but knowing that my family enjoys eating the bread, it is all worth it. 

For those who are interested in making their own Ensaymada (or in other countries they call it Mallorca) you can check out the Mallorca Bread recipe over at The Noshery blog. 

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  1. that ensaymada sure looks yummy! now am craving for some. hopefully i can go to the a bakery later to grab a few!

  2. that looks good, i love my ensaymada too, at least we enjoy eating them while here in the USa.

  3. cheesy ensaymada is always a favorite snack, i love buying it from red ribbon :)

  4. I just love eating ensaymada but I have never tried making one, not that I am planning hahaha.

  5. Thank you for including the link to the recipe, Mallorca reminds me a of a student we have in school before.

  6. Looking good and yummy - it has been awhile since I had ensaymada.

  7. Oh that looks perfect. I made one once and it's pitiful. LOL It was rock hard and unappealing.


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