Monday, March 17, 2014

Family Time: Glendo Dam Wetlands Interpretive Trail

What a beautiful day we had yesterday and it was the perfect day to go for a hike. It was a beautiful change of weather after having frigid cold winter days where we rarely go out exploring. On days like this, it would be a shame if we don't go for a hike and so we did. After doing a little house cleaning and packing, I got the kids ready for the hike and we hit the road. We have not explored all the areas around the Glendo Lake or State Park, so we decided wherever the wheels take us, that's where we are going. And we ended up going to the Glendo Dam Wetlands Interpretive Trail for a 1.8 mile hike. It was not much of a hike for us, but it was really good to be out on a warm, sunny, beautiful day. 

It was so nice and warm yesterday that we saw a bunch of wildlife from Deer, Antelope, Rabbits, Caterpillars busy crossing the road, bugs, and what not. People were also out and about on their RVs, ATVS, bikes, cars and some were fishing at the lake. When you get the chance of a warm weather, you better enjoy it. 

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, my husband and I talked about investing in a couple of Hydration backpack for kids. NO! Scratch that. Make it four (4) Hydration Backpacks for all four of us. I mean, we go on quite a lot of hikes that toting bottles with us has become really inconvenient and the hydration backpack would be very handy to have. And man, those hydration backpacks aren't cheap. Well, there are some cheap ones, but we want to get the ones that are of quality and can last us for many hikes, and worth the buy. Do you guys have any recommendations for Kid's Hydration Backpack? Thanks in advance! 

Anyway, I hope your weather yesterday was also nice and you got to spend some time outdoors. I hope you enjoy our photos! Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!!! 

 photo IMG_3361_zps42999c78.jpg

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This is also a great area to go on a bike ride. Less traffic and safer this way. Plus, you get that great view along the river. And if you want to stop and fish, you can do that too. Just as long as you have your license. I wish now we have both of our bikes with us and a bike trailer for the kids. 
 photo IMG_3360_zpsa38d0af0.jpg

There were two options for us to choose from. If we feel a little adventurous, we can go on the Rocky River trail, but if you we want the more smoother hike, we can go on the road where there was no ice/snow, mud, and huge boulders along the trail. But we love a little adventure, so the Rocky River it was. 
 photo IMG_3299_zpsf571370f.jpg

 photo IMG_3285-Copy_zpsc9a50dc4.jpg

 photo IMG_3286-Copy_zps9b2179fc.jpg
Snacking along the way. 
Great tip for hiking with kids is to bring plenty of food and water. Well, not just for the kids, but for mom and dad as well. 

 photo IMG_3287-Copy_zpsfbc51491.jpg
She is old enough that she can carry her own backpack and load it with snacks and some wipes. 

 photo IMG_3289-Copy_zps1e2b5ef1.jpg
Observation Pier

 photo IMG_3291_zps49e963ae.jpg
These two had so much energy when we started our day. 

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 photo IMG_3294_zps0b9a6655.jpg

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 photo IMG_3300_zpsa98fbe61.jpg
One of the things that our little man loves to do on a hike is to climb rocks. It's fun! It's up there with stomping in mud puddles on the trail. 

 photo IMG_3328_zpsc3908ebe.jpg

 photo IMG_3302_zps34fde536.jpg

 photo IMG_3305_zpscfc09027.jpg
Daddy was teaching the two little hikers that we can eat snow at times when we ran out of water. 

 photo IMG_3321_zps807331a9.jpg

 photo IMG_3309_zps30caf9c1.jpg

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 photo IMG_3334_zps0d038cb3.jpg

 photo IMG_3335_zps2fbf60b6.jpg

 photo IMG_3337_zpsa468e508.jpg
Shhh... don't bother him. He is in deep thoughts about our future. 

 photo IMG_3344_zps867dc7cf.jpg

 photo IMG_3348_zps084c0e83.jpg

 photo IMG_3338_zps5eb39bd3.jpg

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 photo IMG_3353_zps921ea32b.jpg

 photo IMG_3354_zps5bc90b8d.jpg
Oh! I forgot to tell you that he also loves to collect whatever things that interest him along the trail. And particularly rocks. And I want you to know that in that backpack are heavy rocks that he collected so he can give them to his classmates and his teacher, so they can make pet rocks. He said; "Mama, we should take these smooth and shiny rocks to school so I can ask Mrs. Frederick that we paint them, and glue eyes and nose". And yes, we collected rocks and at first I was carrying them, but I was carrying so many things, so he volunteered to carry it for me. Because he said he is strong and he is a big boy now. Sweet boy! 

Both of our kids did really well yesterday and it was our little girl's first time to walk that far. We can tell she was so tired, but every time we ask her if she wants to ride on mommy's back or wants something to eat or drink, all she was saying was "NO". And she just took off without even waiting on us. Finally, she gave up and rode on the Piggyback Rider on our way back to the JEEP. I thought she was about to fall asleep as she was leaning on my shoulder's but as soon we got back to our vehicle, the two of them were ready to play some more. I guess it must have been the warm sunny weather that made them so alive. 

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps6134d2a8.jpg
Feeling brave and independent. 


  1. I am so jealous! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I wish we were able to be out and about exploring. CANT WAIT FOR SUMMER :)

  2. What a fabulous place to go, I would love somewhere like that. Your photos are awesome.

  3. Love to see little ones exploring outside! Looks amazing!

  4. it's nice to always see family walking together, kids would love nature during this even more.

  5. The kids look so cute in their hiking attire (and boots). The green background of the park looks breathtaking. I love the great outdoors. I've never seen an antelope before. We have lots of deer everywhere here where I live.

  6. I really enjoy visiting nature parks. Family adventures are always fun.

  7. Wow, even though you guys get a lot of snow during the winter, it still look so green out there. Gorgeous photos Mommy!

  8. I wish I can go trail hiking here too but the weather is still cold. It looks like you are all enjoying the hike. I miss being an outdoor person can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can take my kiddos for a walk

  9. Your photos are amazing and I love the memories you are creating with your family. Kids crave the outdoors and, adults enjoy adventure, yet not many create the opportunity to do so. I love it!

  10. Your kids are such troopers to agree to go on a hike in the hot sun... The pictures captured the moments for eternity.

  11. Beautiful area and beautiful family. Your description and photos made me feel like I was hiking with you. It was exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. Harley is definitely a seasoned hiker now and Selby has great stamina for two years old. Loved all the photos but LOL at the one with you holding all the backpacks.

    1. Thank you, double auntie Covina. It was a beautiful hike and just being outside the house in the warm sunny day was something that we needed. It was amazing how Selby just wanted to keep walking and not so much riding on daddy's shoulders or on the Piggyback Rider. I guess she has been cooped up in the house for too long that she was ready to take on that walk. And oh yes! Somehow I always end up carrying all their things. LOL!


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