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Product Review: Uniquely Greek Spread

Are you feeling a little adventurous with your food and wanted to give it a little bit of an extra oomph with the taste? Try cooking with Uniquely Greek spreads. Never heard of it before? Then, let's get to know a little bit about the company and their products before I share my own review. 

Uniquely Greek

About Uniquely Greek

Uniquely Greek started as a rather simple idea. Jessica Gill, owner of family-operated “Grecian Delights” Greek Deli/Restaurant in Boothwyn, PA, wanted to find another way to enhance her Greek-inspired dishes and potentially encourage people to create similar flavorful meals in their own kitchens. Jessica wanted to offer a product that was easy to use and made with all natural ingredients, so that people could feel good about trying something new.

Working with feta cheese, Jessica created a delicious, all-natural cheese spread that could accommodate different flavors and complement nearly every dish on her menu. Labeling it as simply a homemade feta spread, Jessica added her initial spinach feta spread to menu items and set up a tasting station to encourage people to sample it. Gill’s feta spread quickly turned heads, as customers raved over enriched menu items and inquired about buying containers to take home. ----- (you can check out Uniquely Greek's website to read more about the company and how it all started). 

I received some complimentary samples from the Uniquely Greek company and here are the items. 

What's In The Mail?
Uniquely Greek Feta Spread is unique blend of domestic feta cheese, garlic, cream cheese infused with fresh produce.
Baby Spinach
Roasted Red Pepper
Imported Kalamata Olive
Creamy Buffalo

 photo IMG_2816_zps7558d499.jpg


Baby Spinach Spread:
Delicious and fresh baby spinach infused with domestic feta, garlic and cream cheese make for one decadent flavor combination. We call this our “cupboard cleaner-outer” because you can basically use it on anything in your cupboard.

All the comforts of gourmet, none of the hassle.

Best with:
Sandwich toppings
Baked potato
Salad dressing

Red Roasted Pepper Spread:
Fire-roasted red peppers infused with domestic feta, garlic and cream cheese. With this spread, you can add a little zing to any of your cooking. Although it is not spicy, the roasted red peppers do add that extra kick to your cooking, and in addition to the feta and garlic, you have all the flavor you need for any type of food.
A favorite among children!

Best with:
Sandwich topping (Burgers/Tofu)
Baked potato
Salad dressing

Imported Kalamata Olive:
These olives are imported from Greece, and they are of exceptional quality. The Imported Kalamata olives infused with domestic feta, garlic and cream cheese makes for a miraculous combination of flavors in which you can taste each layer.
A foodie favorite!

Best with:
Sandwich topping (Burgers/Tofu)
Baked potato
Salad dressing


Creamy Buffalo: 
“Fired up feta” best describes our Creamy Buffalo Feta Spread. Infused with domestic feta, hot sauce and cream  cheese, this new fan favorite is great for adding a bit of spice to your life one dish at a time. Use it to turn up the taste on your favorite barbecue dishes and meat appetizers!

Best with:
Burgers/ Steak
Pork Chops

Meat appetizers/ Party dip

When you visit Uniquely Greek's website at, you will see other dishes that incorporate their spreads to give you an idea of what else you can cook with Uniquely Greek spreads. As for me, below are some of the dishes that we've enjoyed incorporating the spreads with.

A healthier snack option. Pita Chips with some Uniquely Greek Spread: Spinach and Red Roasted Pepper
 photo IMG_2853_zps56885959.jpg

Salmon for dinner with Creamy Buffalo Spread on top because I like my food with a bit of a kick. I didn't even need to put some salt with my salmon because the spread's already salty the way it is. 
 photo IMG_3109_zps9b59ad50.jpg

And here's my little bunny who loves her fresh carrot (she doesn't like to eat cooked carrot, but raw). 
 photo IMG_2817_zps6f56ce22.jpg

And I enjoyed my Spinach Spread mixed in with some mashed Avocado and use it as my sandwich spread. Yummy! 
 photo IMG_3054_zps820e5407.jpg

Something that I also enjoyed using (picture not shown) is the All Natural Imported Kalamata Olive. I like to crumble it on top of my cold salad with lots of fresh diced tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, spinach and what not. It is so good! These Uniquely Greek spreads give your food an instant makeover from blah to delicious! It is the fast and easy way to add more flavor to your food. If you haven't tried Uniquely Greek spreads before or are feeling a little adventurous with food, you can check out Uniquely Greek's website at to learn more. I am sure there will be something that you would like from their spreads. 

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  1. Sounds quite yummy! I love greek yogurt and have been trying to substitute it in recipes. I haven't heard of Uniquely Greek Spread! I have to find this :) Thank you so much for letting me know about it!

  2. i have uniquely greek too and i love the dipping...something i haven't tried before and now i'll consider it.

  3. Oh yum...these look tasty!!! I would love to try the Baby Spinach one...I can think of so many ways that i would use it. I am also curious about the Buffalo Wing...I would use it to top a pizza.

  4. I love that your daughter eats a lot of vveggies Mommy!

    1. Yes, mommy Rose. She does. And I love that too. Thanks!

  5. This is something I will like, I love dipping for my veges and cracker. I wish my middle son eats veges, I have to struggle feeding him veges. Great job for your daughter.


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