Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Time: Easter Week Hike Part 2

Part 1 of our Easter Day Hike is here just in case you are curious to see our photos. 

We love how our kids do enjoy hiking with us. Although at first, they didn't think they would like it, but in the end, they end up having so much fun. Sometimes they decide to go on their own and making their own trail, which scares the living daylight out of me because of mountain lions or bears. When hiking with kids in places where wild animals are around, we always make sure to be extra careful and keep the kids nearby. 

 photo IMG_3873_zps17e4339b.jpg

Our two little troopers. 
 photo IMG_3957_zpsd60fdd3e.jpg

 photo IMG_3985_zps750ea987.jpg

 photo IMG_3908_zps6935520e.jpg

Our little man enjoys exploring and finding all kinds of interesting sticks that sometimes end up as his pretend gun or a walking stick. One of the things on our hiking wishlist is to get our kids some walking sticks. For now, our little man was happy to find a stick on the trail that works for him both as a gun and a walking stick. Any recommendation on a good walking stick for kids? 

 photo IMG_3911_zps7916c043.jpg

 photo IMG_3913_zps098ef8c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3920_zpsbb318355.jpg

 photo IMG_3922_zpsb526c6b5.jpg

 photo IMG_3919_zpsaed79c5b.jpg

 photo IMG_3923_zpsaab89931.jpg

 photo IMG_3924_zpseb5f5606.jpg

Must climb the huge rock. 
 photo IMG_3926_zps2ffd5b8a.jpg

 photo IMG_3930_zps71c23ef7.jpg

 photo IMG_3943_zps7b0bd869.jpg

 photo IMG_3944_zps1bfc97d0.jpg

 photo IMG_3931_zpsba864c55.jpg

 photo IMG_3935_zps77c6b6c2.jpg

 photo IMG_3965_zps68ff369e.jpg

 photo IMG_3959_zps7f407444.jpg

 photo IMG_3960_zps7743c88a.jpg

 photo IMG_3969_zpsa8ba581c.jpg

 photo IMG_3982_zpse966cefe.jpg
Have a great one! 


  1. So wonderful to see the family enjoying Easter on a hike. The photos are gorgeous and the children are sure growing up.

    1. Thank you so much, double auntie Covina. :) Wish you were with us. :)

  2. What is it about big rocks and kids? That looks like a nice place to hike as long as no wild animals decide to make an appearance!

  3. It's amazing to see you guys enjoy the outdoors! The photos are gorgeous,,, keep them coming!

  4. I really love your family adventure outdoors, it's so inspiring. Wish we're neighbors lol.

    1. Same here mommy. We would surely go on hikes and camping trips together. ;)

  5. Kids learn so much outdoors with family having fun together. Great hiking place.

  6. I love hiking that is why i cant wait for summer to come. How far you can go while you go hiking? Cant imagine with kids in hiking coz they dont used a long walk. By the way lovely pics :)your kids are growing so fast esp our little girl :)

    1. Thank you so much! They both are growing up fast and yes they do enjoy being out and exploring. We can actually go on for four or six hours of hiking even with kids in tow, but of course we have to make some stops to rest. But yes, since we have been hiking for a few years now, we have adjusted to it. There are times they ride on the back and there are times they love to walk on their own.

  7. Loved all the photos taken. It's very important to teach kids loving the nature zat early age! :) My kids loved exploring the woods but they need supervision, as there are wild animals out there that can harm them.


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