Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dreaming Of Pretty Frocks From eShakti

With the temperature climbing up, I couldn't help but dream of pretty summer frocks. And I love some of the dresses that I found over at eShakti. If you know me at all, I love my vintage dresses and those that are of vintage-inspired. Like these 50s Inspired dresses available at eShakti. Below are some of my picks. 

By all means I am no expert when it comes to fashion, but these cut-out dresses are so IN. The cut-out design adds a bit of a fun style to  your dress and give you that sexy look without revealing too much. Crop tops are huge these days, too. 

Crop tops can be trashy when done wrong, but when you do it right, it can be classy and fashionable. They say that the right way to wear a crop top is to pair it with a skirt or a bottom that hits you on the smallest  part of your body, and also covers your belly button. Leaving just a little bit of your tummy exposed, but not a lot. I wouldn't mind wearing these two crop tops for the summer. 

 photo CL0031079V_zpsfb3db973.jpg

 photo CL0031087V_zps0843f903.jpg

 photo Untitled_zps233bbaea.jpg

You want to know something else that I love about some of these dresses? They have pockets on the side. I know! Just like some of my vintage dresses that I thrifted. I don't know why I get excited about pockets, but you know, I can store my lip balm, lipstick or maybe some rocks that my kids have picked up and wanted to take home (story of my mama life). So tell me, out of these six dresses, which one is your favorite? 

By the way, eShakti is an online store where you can customize your dress to your height, size and style that you want. And they will deliver it to you in 14 business days from order. It is the only online women's fashion apparel company that offers size range from 0-36W and custom clothing. How wonderful is that! A lot of times, shopping for clothing online can be frustrating because an item would end up either way too big or way too small for your size. It is nice to know that eShakti offers clothing customization. To be in the loop of their latest news and update, you can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Note: This is a sponsored post however; Chetopian Family only recommends products and/or services that she would use herself. All thoughts and opinion are 100% mine. 

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  1. They are so cute! and so 1950s. Gotta have pockets too. You would look beautiful wearing any of these dresses.

  2. I love these dresses! My favorite is probably the Gingham check empire waist dress

  3. I love the cutout chambray dress in the butterfly print! It's adorbs

  4. The Gingham dress is definitely my favorite. I never did like the crop look or the cut out look-fashion or no fashion!

  5. eShakti dresses are the best! i love how you can customize them according to your liking.

  6. They have some pretty selection. Someone from eShakti contacted for a review. The ones I like aren't available but I got the closest that I want to review though.

  7. Oh the denim dress is cute...great with a shrug or sweater. :)

  8. Not a fan of printed dresses , the chambray halter dress is my favorite. However any dresses surely will looks good on you.

  9. eShakti dresses are beautiful! I loved the selection they have plus you can customize it. :)


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