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Product Review: Kids Can Learn To Play A Guitar With Ease With ChordBuddy Jr

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This was how my conversation with my 5-year old boy went a month ago. 

Harley: Mama, will you buy me a guitar?
Me: A guitar? Are you guys learning how to play the guitar at school? Did your teacher Ms. Maue introduce you and your classmates to other kinds of musical instrument?
Harley: Well.... Yes! And I would like to learn how to play a guitar. (I think he was talking about an electric guitar)
Me: Okay. Maybe I can figure something out. I happen to learn about a new guitar that's built for kids like you. I'll let you know then if ever you are getting a guitar or not. Okay? 
Harley: Thanks, mama! 

And that is why today I am going to share with you a product that we received a couple of weeks ago called the ChordBuddy Jr. But what is ChrodBuddy Jr? Well, let's find out first before I move on to my own personal review. 

ChordBuddy Jr
ChordBuddy Jr
Price: $169.95
Introducing the ChordBuddy Jr - The only guitar in the world a 4-8 year old can play instantly! Chordbuddy Jr is a REAL guitar in miniature - this is NOT a toy, it's a real guitar with all the quality and features of a full size acoustic guitar. Within minutes of taking ChordBuddy Jr out of the box kids will be playing real songs. ChordBuddy Jr has been teacher tested and won the parent tested seal of approval. Included in the ChordBuddy Jr package is: 

- a half size acoustic guitar (30 inch)
- ChordBuddy Jr device 
- guitar tuner
- songbook and instructional DVD

*Please note that unlike the full size ChordBuddy, ChordBuddy Jr's tabs are not removable. The device itself can be removed from the guitar but it is made as a single molded piece. 

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Our Review: 
I grew up not really knowing anything about playing any kind of instruments. I can sing and been a part of the church choir, but never really had the chance to learn how to play. Part of that is because we didn't really have the budget for me to go to any classes or the budget to buy any instruments. I did however have the interest in learning how to play the guitar one time when my cousins were into it. I did learn just a little bit, but never was enough. And now, I have no clue at all. I wanted my kids to be able to learn how to play any kind of musical instruments that they are interested in and when my son asked me to get him a guitar, I contacted the ChordBuddy company right away.

ChordBuddy Jr is a perfect guitar for young kids like him who are interested in learning how to play because of the size is perfect for kids, and other things that come with it like the ChordBuddy Jr device that attaches to the guitar. It is designed to help kids learn with ease.When I found out that they were going to send us a brand new ChordBuddy Jr for my little man, I was really thrilled. Also, because I thought I could surely use a guitar lesson. 

Like what it says in the product description, it came in with a few things to really aid young kids in learning. In the DVD that comes with it, Travis Perry, the inventor of ChordBuddy and the ChordBuddy Jr, teaches you step-by-step about the world of guitar. He'll teach you the parts of the guitar, tuning and string names, chord names and which fingers to use, etc. 

As for my own experience, at first I had no clue about playing a guitar (still doesn't), but it was amazing that I was able to play simple songs in one day. You know, the popular kid songs like London Bridge, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old McDonald Had A Farm, and so on. In the video, you will see me playing Amazing Grace, which I just learned that night because it was easy. I didn't think it would be that easy to play, but thank goodness to the device. With the help of the ChordBuddy Jr device, it made learning and playing guitar a bit easier. It teaches you the proper finger placement and build finger strength as well. And once you get comfortable with the finger placement, you can easily remove the device and keep on playing. What a great invention Mr. Travis Perry did. 

I got to be honest though. Since none of us play guitar, well my husband knows a little bit, but he had a difficulty tuning the guitar even with the use of the digital vibration tuner. It is a tuner device that comes with the package, which you clip on the headstock of the guitar. And that's just because we don't know anything (LOL). We had to ask our little boy's music teacher Ms. Maue to tune it for us and we thanked her for that. Harley still has a lot of learning to do when it comes to guitar, but I am sure he will learn one of these days. And when he does, I will update this review by then. 

If ChordBuddy Jr sounds interesting to you. Or maybe you know someone in the family who is a budding guitarist, don't forget to check out ChordBuddy Jr at to learn more. Thank you, ChordBuddy

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  1. I need to get this review too because our little one is asking and asking for a guitar and we would live for him to learn. Your review seems like it is definitively an awesome guitar for our little one and for new too!

  2. This looks awesome! When I was learning how to play the guitar I could have used this! LOL. Would be great to use with my kids!

  3. Great review! I have been looking for something like this for our son. None of us our musically inclined so we need something fool proof. :)

  4. Awwwwww, you sound great Mommy! I love how Selby say everybody lol, We love ChordBuddy here too!

  5. It is indeed a very good way for kids to learn the guitar. It's so easy to use and in just a few minutes, they can already play a tune or song with Chord Buddy! What a neat invention! I have also removed our device and have started teaching my eldest the chords... great review mommy!

  6. A very nice way for your kids to start learning basic chords of guitar.

  7. I am at my 20's and I think I need this because I want to start learning even at my age. Very nice review here.

  8. I didn't have the skill in playing a guitar. My dad, brother, and little sister know how to play. I am so jealous! This will truly help young kids to learn to play the instrument.

  9. I simply like the idea that this instrument will help young kids learn how to play.

  10. Super product. Sound like it would be good for a senior citizen as well as young people.


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