Monday, April 19, 2010

Fabric Toy Bucket

When you have a kid or kids at home, your house is such a chaos and overrun with toys. It is pretty much everywhere in the house! Sometimes it can feel so claustrophobic seeing all these toys laying all over the place. Storage is a must to make your house organized or at least free from toy clutter, and this fabric toy bucket is sure handy to have. I am such a great follower of Jill's Homemade by Jill (as you've noticed I mention her a lot in my blog) that I got a lot of sewing ideas from her and this is one of them. Thank you so much! The bucket is made out of a huge dress that I got from a rummage sale years ago and the lining is made out of a soft flannel. Another great idea that you can do with fabrics or old clothes that you have in your closet that you don't want to use anymore. Turn it into a bucket! It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. oh i want i waaaaant that toy bucket.. btw, you have a lovely family :)

  2. Hi Amesh! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am glad you like the toy bucket. Let me know if you made one. :) Thanks for the comment!


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