Monday, April 19, 2010

First Easter Egg Hunt

It was my little Harley's first Easter egg hunting and he was doing really well. He knew he was supposed to pick up the eggs and put it in his bucket. We were glad we came down to the football field where the egg hunting was held and participate in the event. What a great turn out! We are looking forward for more egg hunting.

As I am inspired in sewing right now, I made Harley a cute little Easter bunny bucket and a bunny hat to accompany it and I got lots of compliment. I was pretty happy with the outcome and the fact that my boy likes it too, it makes me feel glad. The inspiration comes from Liesl Gibson of Disdressed and Homemade by Jill, although with Liesl hers was not in a round bucket compare to mine and I tweaked some things and made it into something that I like. Mine is more like Jill's design, which is round and the ears are droopy. It is such a cutie project and you should try it! The bucket is made out of soft flannel and I used a different one for the lining, but you can totally use whatever materials or fabric you have on hand. Hey! It is your project, then you can do whatever you want with it. Since I can't give you any tutorials, head on over to those two amazing blogs for more info. Next time I will make sure to come up with something that I can share with you.

(All it needs are some Easter eggs.)

(My little bunny and stuffed toy bunny together relaxing in the couch.)

The rest of our day was spent in our yard gardening and playing. What a great Easter day!


  1. Cute ba sa little one hehhe thanks sa dalaw...

  2. Thanks for checking, mommy Gen! :)


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