Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Week

There is not much sewing done in my own little sewing room these days since I have been busy working outside in the yard. We had some pretty good days that were perfect for working outside, so I took the chance of planting and transplanting to make our yard beautiful. I had some plants that I got for free from a good friend of mine and actually, most of my plants and flowers are from her and some I bought at the store. I love working outside and for me it is very therapeutic although the next day I get really sore that I can barely lift myself off of the bed. LOL! But I love the feeling of accomplishments and seeing my plants and flowers bloom and the yard looking good! We have been planting lots of vegetables and fruit trees and there will be more plants that will come in the mail some time. We are working on making our yard into an orchard as well which was originally an orchard before my husband bought this property years ago. And so we wanted it to keep it that way and hoping for an abundance of fruits someday. Here are some photos I took of the humble yard we have;

Even in the midst of yard/garden work, I was still able to take a short break and get on with my sewing. That's when I came across this blog called The Crimson Owl, and while I was browsing through her site, I saw a photo of a cute camera case wristlet and I thought of making one. Although I haven't seen any tutorial or anything, I managed to create my own version and this was the result! I don't have a tutorial either, but since I am really not loving the finished product, so I was thinking of making another one with the fusible interfacing this time and step-by-step photo tutorial, hopefully! For now, this one will be tossed in into my scrap stash or maybe give it away to someone that would like it. I don't know!

It's Sewtastic!


  1. Dako mn sd d i inyong yard mami adin. Big boy na kaayo si HF gwapo pa jd. namula intawn ang aping nabuwad sa init kadali. Buhati ug manghud mami adin aron naa playmate.

  2. Mommy shy salamat sa pagbisita.. oo medyo dako2x pod ang yard diria perfect for Harley and the dogs kay naa jud ka daganan ba.. safe pod kay naa fence... Namula ang pinoy/kano nga bata.. hahaha inig ka summer ani dagtum na ning abtaa.. hehehe... Pohon next year mommy Shy masundan na si baby kana ug naa na ikabayad sa hospital.. hahaha... thanks again!

  3. my dear lord....ka luag sa imong palasyo mami Adin...waaaa....ka luag sa playground ni baby HF...buotan naman kaau ning imong ulitawo woi....:)

    I so love your latest creation...very pretty...:)

  4. That bag turned out pretty cute. Would even be cute for a little purse. Cute little man as well


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