Monday, May 17, 2010

What's In The Mail?

I have been very blessed lately and I have been getting things in the mail. Most of those are things that I won from giveaways. Yahoo! First I want to thank Teresa of Green Bag Lady for the cute fabric shopping bag that I got in the mail. She is awesome and I support her for using reusable fabric bags instead of plastic or paper bags. Go check out her website and you will see tons of good stuff from her and her bagette team. In fact, she is having another giveaway and yes, 100 winners will be lucky to get the bags. Head on over to find out how to enter! Kudos to you and your team, Green Bag Lady!

I went grocery shopping today and I used the fabric bag and the lady at the store thought that the bag was cute. As I promised, here are some photos I took using the bag. It's fantastic! Sorry, the photo of me is blurry.

(Me with the fabric shopping bag and my little Sider boy in the back.)

(Isn't it cute with that little doll design in the fabric. I love it!)

Fabric, please!

Another person I would like to thank is Dana of MADE (A Creative Collection) for her cutesy little note cards that I got in the mail! Another yahoo for me. Yahoo! I am one of the lucky six (6) winners that got these note cards with fabric decor on it. Aren't they cute? I love it! Dana is such a creative mom and I love visiting her blog every day because she is an inspiration. When you go check her site, you will find tons of creative ideas that she shares to her followers, readers and visitors. So head on now and check it out! Thank you again Dana!

Cutesy little note cards!

And the last person to thank for is Piera Jolly of Jolly Mom. Thank you so much for the giveaway and I got the package just today and I was so excited! Here are the goodies I got! The prize pack I won was the Noelle Pikus-Pace prize pack which includes:

· An autographed photo of skeleton World Champion Noelle Pikus-Pace

· An autographed diaper signed by both Noelle Pikus-Pace and U.S. Olympic gold medal speed skater Chad Hedrick

· One pack of Olympic-branded Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max

This is great! I love using pampers cruisers dry max for Harley since it is soft, very flexible, it has leakage protection and it is not harsh on my little boy's bump. He can go on for a long while wearing it and not worrying about leakage at all. Thanks Pampers and thanks to Jolly Mom for hosting the giveaway.

Again, I can't thank you enough for all the goodies that I got and I am so blessed! Goodies! Goodies! Goodies!


  1. WOW! you're just a winning machine, LOL!
    Congrats Ganda :-)

  2. Wow as if you just won a first prize Din. You're very lucky Din. Ako very unfortunate this kind of contest. As far as I can remember I won once when I was 6 or 5 years old dadtong nagtaya kos Masyaw...Whahaahahah..

  3. Wow dami mong giveaways ah makasali nga hmmm hehehe

  4. Whoa, can you send me some of your good luck? LOL! Congratulations to you, Adin! Nice prizes.
    Hope you entered lots of those "Sew Mama Sew" give aways today!



  5. Na swertehan jud ko ana nga week pretty lady C.. dungan jud ko nakadaug aning tulo. hehehe.. thanks!

  6. Hey there Cyndi! Sure, I can send you some of my good luck.. hahaha.. anyway, I was just happy to get more goodies. Nothing's better than freebies! LOL!

    Yes! I entered the sew mama sew giveaway by Green Bag Lady today. Wish us all good luck! Thanks again for stopping by!

  7. Hello mommy Anne B! Adto ka sa Green Bag Lady na blog she has another giveaway.. basin makadaug pa diay ka ug bags for grocery shopping bags... hehehe... Good Luck mommy! Salamat!

  8. Hello girl Analou.. nyahehehe.. Mashyaw man jud.. ambot unsa spelling ana basta mashyaw.. hahaha... nakaswerti lang jud ko nagdungan ug kadaug oi.. woho! nanganad ko maayo unta next time napod naa giveaways makadaug ko.. hahaha... sulay lang gud ug apil2x who knows makadaug diay.. :)

  9. wow! ang dami niyan ah..u deserve it!


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