Saturday, May 8, 2010

Computer Problem

To all my followers, readers and visitors, thank you so much for visiting my site. But sad to say I won't be able to visit you back right away since our computer is having some sort of network problem and I can't browse or visit other sites. It always leads me to Page Network Error and it is very irritating. As soon as things are back to normal, I will make sure to pay you back a visit. Thanks once again! :)

By the way, To my mama back in the Philippines, I love you, mama Annie! Happy Mother's Day. To my sister-in-law Covina & my mother-in-law Lily, Happy Mother's day to you as well. I love you! And to all the mothers out there, we rock! Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your weekend.

(My mama and me)


  1. Hey Adin, sending you warm wishes for a very Happy Mothers' Day! Hope you get your computer problems solved soon!



  2. Happy Mom's Day to you too! Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hope everything works out soon!

  3. Happy mother's day to you Adin and to your Mama! belated na pala pero habol pa ;-)

  4. belated happy mother's day mami Adin! wow mura man mo ug twins ni mader nimo....pretty!

  5. Thanks guys! :) Belated Happy MOther's Day to all mothers! :)


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