Monday, May 10, 2010

More Bags!

Bags, bags and more bags! Yes! I went crazy making more bags. This time another two addition to my collection. Anyway, my computer problem seems to be doing a little bit okay now and I can at least blog something at the moment so I should hurry up and share this one to you. Thank you for those who visited my blog while I was gone. I promise as soon as I have time I will check back with you later. Right now I am monitoring the weather since there is a possibility of a tornado, which is really freaking me out since we don't have a basement or a shelter so I have to drive to the shelter.

Anyway, here are my bags! The first one I put batting in it to give structure to the bag and for softness and thickness. It has lots of space to carry all your things while out and about! There are no pockets at all, but it has a big space so it is okay. Next time, I make sure to put pockets inside.

I can't wait to have my own booth at the arts and crafts here in town this November. It will be my first time for sure, but I don't know how it's going to work out with me helping my husband at the race and having my own booth at the old gym. Hmmmm! We'll figure that out. For now, I am enjoying my sewing experience.

Let me know what you think?

This one I call it a Ring 'O' Bag because of the ring that I put along with the strap. Does it even make sense? LOL! Anyway, I kind of like it, so I will call it that way. But hey I am open for any suggestions. LOL! It has three (3) pockets inside and one pleated pocket on the front and fabric flowers that I made to put some finishing touches to the bag.


  1. Hi there Jodes and Vikki! Thanks for checking out. Glad you guys like the bags. :) As for the weather, so far it has been calm which helps me feel calm as well. Just a cold day today which is fine for me. Thanks Jodes!

    You are very much welcome Vikki!

  2. Happy Mother's day mami Adin...sensya na karon lang ko ka greet...ehehehhe...better late than never....:)

    oh my...sewtastic pretty and colorful!

    great job mami Adin...and good luck sa imong booth this coming November...kaya mo yan...ehehehe!

  3. Salamat mommy Dhemz! That is okay better late than never.. total everyday can be a mother's day! hehehe... :) Mao lagi I hope I can make it and I can have my own booth. that means buy more materials and keep on sewing.. hehehe... :) See yah!

  4. beautiful bags! having your own booth will be fun!

  5. Great bags! I especially like the Ring 'O' Bag - the details on it are so sweet.
    Have fun stitching up more fantastic things to sell in Nov.

    Happy sewing!

  6. good luck dear sa imong plans. looking forward to reading your blogs about it. by the way, i love the bags!

  7. Thank you so much, mommy J! Hope I can make it. :) hehehe.. :) See you around!

  8. Wow your bag really is pretty. You can sell your products in i bet you lots of people will like to have your bags....

    I have a store there too:
    Momgen's Corner

    Life's Journey

  9. Hey Stephanie! Thank you for stopping by. :)


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