Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Weekend!

How is everybody doing? Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has a great weekend with their loved ones, family and friends. I love it when it's the weekend because for me it is Family Time! So, yesterday my family and I had a great Saturday and it was our little boy's first boat ride! Yipee! But I didn't get to take photos of us while going down the river so I won't be able to share it with you. At least we had an awesome trip and we can tell that little HF had a great time. Thank God we made it safe and sound back to the cabin after we had to stop on the side of the river somewhere when the motor started overheating. Wooosh! That was a little bit scary there for a while, but we managed to head back to the cabin safe and dry. It was a beautiful Saturday and the sun was up and shining. Even today we are experiencing a weather that feels like it summer! Yahoo! Anyway, I just want to share some photos of us to get you acquainted a little bit about me and my family.

We started our day with a trip to the farm where we met up with Dave (my husband Tim's cousin) who invited us for a boat ride down the Neosho river. Our farm has an access to the river so it is easy for us to go fishing at any time or to go boat riding. We were glad he took us for a ride as we got to go to some places that we have never been or seen before. Thank you Dave! It was a fun trip. Like I said earlier, I have no boat trip photos, but I took one after the boat trip. So here it is;

Then, we ended our day with grilling time and dinner out in the backyard. YumO! Since the weather was nice, it was a perfect day to spend more time outside with the family. Even our dogs were loving it. There is something about grilling that makes us excited and then when I asked my husband about it, he said it's because it's a "Primal Thing". For me, it reminds me of back home (Philippines) where I see lots of vendors selling grilled and barbecued food every night. Hmmmmm... I can smell it now. I am missing home!

I don't know about you, but for me when it comes to cooking meat, I like it well-done and charred a little bit. LOL! This one was definitely charred, but it still tasted good to me!

Of course, with a weather like that, you have got to have something to drink to cool you down. Now how about some really cold orange tea? Oh yes! A tall glass of really cold orange tea seals the day! Ahhh! It's just a mixture of black tea and orange juice, either freshly squeezed orange or the frozen kind. Mix it with some simple syrup for sweetener.

Simple Syrup: 1 cup of water + 1/2 cup of sugar= simple syrup

This is our little boy enjoying his cupcake for dessert using his fork. Let me tell you, this boy loves his fork so much that even eating cereal he would use it instead of spoon.

He was trying to ride on Sider boy the wolly mammoth dog. LOL!

Then, unto Spink's back and Spink loves the attention so much. This was not the first time that Harley did it. He loves our dogs so much that he likes to play with them and gives them hugs. If you have noticed in most of Harley's photos that he is wearing nothing but diaper. He likes to be naked and free and it makes him very comfortable! Shhhhh... Don't tell that to anyone, this is just our little secret about our boy. LOL!

Oh! Oh! Instead of "Do I Look Good?" I made a mistake! Oh well. LOL!

And before we went back inside and called it a day, we went over to our neighbors cattle and fed them with some lettuce from our garden and they were loving it! Here's our little animal lover feeding his new friend. I think the cow noticed that I was taking his picture. See that look on his eyes? LOL! So cute!

Well, that's the end of our day and I hope you enjoyed our family weekend photos! Thanks for reading. See you later!


  1. like my kids, nothing but diaper only :) makes them happy too... HF and the dogs are best of friends!
    Happy Sunday sa inyo Adin :)

  2. I love the shots with the dogs, so adorable. Mommy Adin, di ako makavisit sa main blog mo kasi may malware from Nasa blogroll mo siguro sya..

  3. Hi Adin! What a cute post. Those pics of Harley with the dogs and the cows is just too, too cute! And I love the one where he has the cupcake all over his face. Looks like you all had a great weekend!

    BTW, I love the blog make over...very cute!



  4. Lovely family bonding...hehehe I like your post specially feeding the cow...
    Init ba kaayo diaper ra man gud imo bb....
    Is that your dog? cute...

    have agood week ahead and daghan salamat sa comment and visit ha...

    Te Khim

  5. Hi Adin!

    Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. The orange tea sounds yummy, I must make that this week!

    Love the photos of your little Harley and the dogs...too cute.

    Kimberly :-)

  6. agoy abi man nako ug nawala ko....ehehhehe....nice new layout mami Adin....:)

    oh boy, nakakatuwa si HF...hahahaa....murag si Akesha sakyan lang ang!

    love the family pic....thanks for sharing the pics....:)

  7. Oh I adore your sweet boy riding the dog. :)


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