Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pincushion/Thread Bucket/Caddy

Finally! I made me my very own thread catcher/bucket with pincushion and a caddy. When I first saw this project, I wanted to make it, but never got around to doing so. And now here it is! I made it out of some left over fabrics that I have from previous projects. As you can see for my caddy, it is made out of different fabrics which it doesn't really matter for me. I think it is still cute and functional. What do you think? Now, I have a place to put all of my thread and it won't be spreading all over the floor, which is really hard to clean after.

In making this project you can make your own design or choices if you want to add a caddy for other things like your pen, scissors, cutter, etc. Some of them they only have just the thread catcher and the pincushion. You can also make it in small ones or big ones, it depends on your liking. I would say just have fun with it and add your own little touches that make it your own handmade stuff.

This bucket is attached to the caddy by a red button so it is easy to take off and on.

Since I don't have a tutorial on how to make this project, I have seen some out there from different blogs on how to do it, so if you are interested in making one or two, here are the links:

Kquilts Studio shared her own tutorial, another one from Mellebugandme, and the last one from Crafters. These are just few of the blogs that you can find some tutorials about making this thread catcher/pincushion project. Let me know if you made one. Have fun sewing!


  1. Ka nice ba ani oist. Waaaaa, di ni pwede sa akong house kay akong mga anak mga hilabtanon kaayo and they will play with my stuff hahahhah.

  2. day adin..thanks sa pag visit sa akoa site:) back blogging again..
    very talented gyod ka ur stuff..

  3. Thanks momGen! :)

    Hell pretty lady C! Na ang akoa dia gamay nakit-an nya akoa mga gamit gibutang nako ana sa caddy, na mao ra gikuha oi da wala nako nagamit ang caddy ang thread bucket ra ug pincushion... hehehe... way ayo jud ning naa batang gamay oi..

  4. Hello mommy Estella! Balik napod diay ka ug blogging.. hehehe ako ani nabalik ko kay ganahan naman pod ko magtahi2x.. na inspired ko mao karon I will be more on this blog than sa usa.. thanks pod for visiting!

  5. oh the color...girlalosh kaau...ehehehe! I wish I have your

  6. Salamat mommy Dhemz! I am sure you can do it mommy pag try lang.. start with buying patterns and once makasugod ka u might like it. hehehe.. Just have plenty of patience! hehehe.... :)


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